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Magical Bio

In formal Wiccan training, part of the process is taking on a magical name. I have two, because I was taught that the name has power, and so there should be one that is used in the Craft community, and one that is never spoken aloud and is known only to the Gods.


My public magical name is LadyHawk, the Mythmaker.

In the Craft of the Wise, there's much ado about lineage. I share my formal lineage below exactly as it was given to me along the way. I used initials for the names of those who are not public figures or who might prefer it to protect their privacy.

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Wiccan Lineage of LadyHawk, the Mythmaker

Elder, Higher Priestess, Witch, and co-founder of Ravenmyst Circle Tradition

Former High Priestess and Witch of the Black Forest Clan

High Priestess and founder, Coven of the Redtail Hawk.

Third Degree Reiki Healer

Law of Attraction Practitioner & Guide

Tarot Reader and Channel


Dedicated into the Coven of the Lapis Turtle, 

Black Forest Clan 

Grand Coven Gathering 

Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, 

On the 22nd of August, 1999

Initiated to the First Degree 

And the title of Priestess

by Lady S.M. and Lord S.A.

In Salem, Massachusetts 

During a meteor shower

On the 17th of November, 1999


The First degree in BFC is initiated and degreed 

by Lady B.F. 

British Traditionalist Witches and 

International Order of the Red Garter


Elevated To the Second Degree

and the title High Priestess

By Lord Wayland NightRaven & Lady S.M.

Black Forest Clan,

Grand Coven Gathering Lewisberry, Pennsylvania 

On the 19th of August, 2000


Elevated to the Third Degree

By Lord Wayland NightRaven, 

Black Forest Clan, Coven of the Raven

Lady M.A., 

Black Forest Clan, Coven of the Raven

Lady B.F., 

British Traditionalists and

Order of the Red Garter

And Lord O.

At the Grand Coven Gathering

During a thunderstorm with no rain

In Lewisberry Pennsylvania

On the tenth of August, 2001


The Second and Third Degrees in BFC are passed by

Lord Ariel Morgan, 

Caledonii Family Tradition,

And Lord Serphant 

Of the family of Serpentstone,

Who was eldered by Michael Ragen

Who was initiated by Raymond Buckland

Who was initiated by Gerald Gardener


Eldered at the 1st Annual Witchstock gathering

Of Ravenmyst Circle Tradition by:

Lord Wayland NightRaven, Elder, High Priest, Co-Founder of Ravenmyst Circle,

Former Elder and High Priest of Black Forest Clan


Lady Nike (by phone) Elder, High Priestess and Co-Founder of Ravenmyst Circle, 

Former High Priestess and First Elder of the Black Forest Clan


Lady M.C., Elder, High Priestess and Co-Founder of Ravenmyst Circle

Former Elder and High Priestess of the Black Forest Clan


Pow-Wow Lineage: 

Trained by Lady S.M. 

who was trained by Lady Silver Ravenwolf 

who was trained by Preston Zerbe, 

who was trained by Gertie Guise

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