Completely unique!  Deeply insightful!
Life -affirming and joy-enhancing!
 "Had a reading done last week, ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!
Wrought with detail and thoroughly explained. I could not have asked for more. Follow-up was wonderful. Definitely will do it again!"


From Indiana


I've been doing Tarot readings via email for decades and people seem to love them. My training with the cards combine with my connection to Source and super-charge my intuition to make for helpful and accurate sessions.

Once you book, I'll contact you to ask for an email with your questions and concerns. The more details you give me, the better your results will be. 

Then I'll put you on my calendar. I do one reading a day, so it might be a few days out. I'll contact you again right before your date, in case anything new has cropped up. 

Then I'll meditate and read your cards. I'll write a long, loving explanation of what I see for you with photos. 

I remain available for follow up questions in the following days, too, at no extra charge.

 "I recently had a reading done, and I cannot believe all of the insight, perspective, and peace of mind this brought me. There was so much in there, and I'm still digesting it all. I cannot thank you enough, for everything! I was a fan before, but now I'm definitely a fan for life."


From Iowa