A Year of... Bliss? 

Volume 3

These are the compiled spiritual writings from Maggie Shayne’s Bliss Blog and its related social media sites from the year 2020.

Come along for the ride of a lifetime. And maybe re-set your own peace of mind in the process.

This volume stands out among the growing collection of Bliss annuals because 2020 was a year like no other. Its honest and straightforward essays were created during the good times and bad, the ups and the downs, the triumphs and the challenges of this roller coaster year.

Thought leaders and spiritual teachers struggled to stay aligned at times during the year from hell, just like everybody else.

Such times are included in these pages.


But in every case, the challenge is worked through and mined for gems of wisdom. In every case, zen is restored, and each step of the process is recorded, just in case it might help someone else through a dark time in the future.


ncludes spells, rituals, and a even a few lessons in the magical arts.

Bliss Blog: where natural magic meets law of attraction.

A Year of... Bliss 

Volume 1


A Year of Bliss, Volume 1, is the compilation of a year's worth of Bliss Blog posts from 2018, and a few choice selections from earlier. The collection includes such classics as:

  • ​Secrets of True Love

  • How to Have Better Days

  • LOA-Beltane Crystal Magic Rite

  • The Lesson of the Eyelash Serum

  • The Everyday Mystic Series

  • Deepening the Solstice

  • 3 Steps to Successful Wish-Making

  • ...and many more!

Bliss up your life!

The Bliss Book


Law of Attraction is more than a way to get better stuff.


You create your own reality, or so everyone keeps saying. If your reply is “Yeah, but HOW?” then this book is for you.


The Bliss Book will help you change the job you hate into one you love, paralyzing debt into lush abundance, deteriorating health into vibrant wellness, loneliness into a loving relationship, insomnia into restful, healing sleep, and chronic worry into confident ease. It will even help you make peace with death through a deeper understanding.


But far more importantly, it will help you experience:

  • True unity with all creation

  • A deeper, more intimate relationship with your higher power

  • Mind-expanding knowledge of how life really works

  • A satisfying answer to the age-old question of why we’re here

  • A path to being happy now, no matter the circumstances



  • Gorgeous illustrations

  • Assignments after each chapter

  • Bookclub/Study Group Discussion Topics

  • Bookclub/Study Group Discussion Topics

  • Dedicated Facebook Page & Facebook Community

A Year of Bliss


Volume 2

A Year of Bliss, Volume 2, is the compilation of a year's worth of Bliss Blog posts from 2019. This collection includes such classics as:

  • ​Manifesting Maniac

  • Should I Leave?

  • Self-Sabotage Made Easy

  • Maggie and the Nice Policeman

  • April Fools & Quantum Physics

  • Deepening the Solstice

  • Magic Words and How to Use Them

  • Mabon Manifesting Magic

  • ...and many more!

Bliss up your life!

Magic and the Law of Attraction: A User's Guide

Magick-And-the-Law-of-Attraction5 (1).jp

You are more powerful than you ever dreamed.

The Law of Attraction is currently sweeping our awareness thanks to books like those of Jerry and Esther Hicks and the hit film, The Secret.

“Like attracts like,” it says.
“You can only experience what you are,” it says.
“You can and do create your own reality,” it says.


To those who practice natural magick, folk magick, or witchcraft, this is old news. Creating one’s reality is what spells are all about.


Now for the first time, a high priestess and elder in the Craft of the Wise, who has been studying Law of Attraction for more than decade, explains how anyone can learn to blend these two disciplines into an easy, blissful way of being that will enhance and empower your life beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.



Law of Attraction and natural magic go together like an outlet and a plug.

Shayne on You.

Shayne on You4.jpg

From Maggie's Newspaper Advice Column of the Same Name


Most people know Maggie Shayne as a bestselling blockbuster novelist specializing in the paranormal. But few people are aware of her other personas; legal clergy, High Priestess, Law of Attraction guru, modern day witch, and...advice columnist.


For several years, Maggie doled out advice to readers in her weekly newspaper column, SHAYNE ON YOU. Her advice was always practical, always positive, and chock full of life lessons that proved beneficial to anyone who read it. Her column was largely based on her own philosophy on life, which boils down to something like this:


If you don’t like what you’re seeing on the outside, then it’s probably time to make some changes on the inside.


Now, Maggie has gathered the best pieces from her column and put them together, along with some blog posts and original essays full of sage wisdom and deep understanding in SHAYNE ON YOU.


Within its pages, you’ll find advice and suggestions on:


  • Broken Hearts

  • Sagging Breasts

  • Feuding Relatives

  • Overwhelming Challenges

  • Cheating Spouses

  • Waning Sex Lives

  • Judgmental Monster-in-Laws 

  • Aging, Death, and Taxes

  • Just kidding about the taxes!

All this and more, shared with the heart, wit, and honesty Maggie's readers have come to expect.

BONUS: In the process of laying it down, Maggie will reveal the true meaning of life on Planet Earth.