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The Bliss Book

You create your own reality, or so everyone keeps saying.

If your reply is “Yeah, but HOW?” then this book is for you.


The Bliss Book will help you change the job you hate into one you love, paralyzing debt into lush abundance, deteriorating health into vibrant wellness, loneliness into a loving relationship, insomnia into restful, healing sleep, and chronic worry into confident ease. It will even help you make peace with death through a deeper understanding. 


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But far more importantly, this book will help you experience: 

*True unity with all creation

*A deeper, more intimate relationship with your higher power

*Mind-expanding knowledge of how life really works

*A satisfying answer to the age-old question of why we’re here

*A path to being happy now, no matter the circumstances


Each chapter ends with a Note from the Goddess and a short, easy assignment to put what you’ve learned into practice. If you do these tasks, your default settings will shift, and you’ll become more positive, developing mindfulness and presence without even knowing you’re doing it. You’ll begin to master the powerful, but exquisitely simple Law of Attraction, and as a result everything will change for the better.

Because you will change for the better.


This book lovingly takes you by the hand and leads you step by step to a happier, healthier, more spiritual life, more meaningful life.


Embark on the most fulfilling journey imaginable.




Bliss up your life!

with New York Times and USA Today bestselling, multi-award-winning author

Maggie Shayne’s



Gorgeous illustrations 

Assignments after each chapter

Bookclub/Study Group Discussion Topics

Dedicated Facebook Page & Facebook Community

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