11 years ago

Long Day….

Okay, it’s night again. I had a great day. Revised the synopsis for what will be book #50. How cool is that? I did a newsletter update that went out to all my email lists. Then I went for a run. Money came in the mail, today, always a nice thing. And unexpected money, at that! My sunflower seeds are up. And the sun came out. Couldn’t ask for a better day.

My man called around 5:30 tonight, but I thought he wasn’t saying much. Turns out I just wasn’t hearing him much on his cell. I asked him to phone later, before bed, on the landline so I can hear his voice.

And I’m missing him a lot tonight, but I’m going to go to bed soon, so this day’s waiting will be completely over. Man, it’s something. I got the sensation that he was part of my original whole, formed from the same spiritual energy blob, hunks from the same block of clay. It was odd, and it made me weepy. Good weepy, not bad. I’m so lucky to have this in my life!


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