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10 Positive Aspects About the Election


There is absolutely no reason for despair

The election is over, and the people have spoken. And half the country is demoralized, devastated, and bordering on panic. But that’s just so unnecessary, and I just want to offer some comfort, some hope, and some understanding.

This is a Non-Partisan Post

I’m not trying to stir up arguments. I’m trying to give those who feel unhappy about the outcome some positives to focus on. If you’re happy with the results, or are looking for an online argument, this is not the place or the post for you.

If You Feel Awful Today

I’m writing this for you. When you feel badly, that’s a sign that your feelings on the subject of your thoughts, is different from the way your Source feels on the subject. The farther apart you are from your Higher Power on things, the worse you feel. Your bad feelings have nothing to do with the outcome of the election, but with the fact that your Higher Self feels entirely different about it than you are feeling, and it’s the separation between you and YOU that causes the pain.

Our Source can see the bigger picture, the long range outcome, the way all of this is happening in order to serve us, to push us further toward the nation we all dream of and hope for.

Our Source only sees the positives (because negatives are an illusion. Everything happens FOR us, nothing happens TO us.) There are no negatives. Every experience is about our expansion. We can feel better by joining our Higher Self in looking for the positives and imagining the bigger picture.

Positive Aspect 1: More Activism

Leonie Dawson pointed out in an email last night that volunteerism and activism went UP under G.W. Bush, but went DOWN under Obama. Very likely because: complacency.

What could convince the next generation of women to unite and and speak out more than this painful reminder of the ultimate glass ceiling? This is only going to strengthen the women’s movement, reinvigorate it, empower it. This is a bigger call to action for our young women than anything we could have thought up ourselves.

Positive Aspect 2: Evolution Only Goes Forward

Look back at the past couple of centuries of social evolution. Slavery was abolished. Women got the vote. African Americans got the vote. Blacks and Whites got the right to marry. Gays got the right to marry.

During all those years there have been both extreme right and extreme left leaders of this country. There have been both Republican majorities and Democratic majorities, but nothing has stemmed the tide of our social evolution, which can only go in one direction. It will never go backward. It might hit some logjams here and there, but inevitably our enlightenment moves forward, and nothing and no one can ever change that.

Positive Aspect 3: Greatness is Born of Contrast

I refer to events and experiences we humans call “bad,” as “Contrast.” Contrast serves a purpose, and it’s a vital one. It is an extreme clarifier. It points up what we do not like in such a vivid, hi-res display, that we can see it like never before. And it is only when we get very clear on what we do not want, that we can identify what we do want.

Anytime I’ve been through something I perceived as a bad experience, divorce, death, loss, illness, accidents, the house Fire that took everything I had–it has been followed by a period of intense growth.

Just as a forest fire fertilizes the earth and leads to the most intense growth periods ever, this massive change in government is going to fertilize the political landscape and I promise you, the growth that comes next is going to be as stunning as the election outcome itself.

It is just a law of nature.


Positive Aspect 4: Our Democracy Rocks

What this election shows is that our Democracy truly works. No matter how rigged some thought the system might be, the power of the voters overwhelmed every pundit’s declaration, every pollster’s prediction, and every Washington insider’s expectation.

One person, one vote actually works! This is a reason for pride. Our nation is strong, our Democracy is strong, and the people still have the power.

Positive Aspect 5: The End of Super-pac-Sponsored Politics?

How long have we all been griping about campaigns that are funded by special interests like the NRA, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Big Oil, etc?

When such a powerful desire is launched by so many of us all at once, it cannot help but manifest, and that’s exactly what has happened.

Love him or hate him, our president-elect is not beholden to any special interest group and we all asked for that.

Positive Aspect 7: A Possible End to Gridlock

Maybe with the House and Senate and the White House all united, something will actually get done in Washington. This is another thing we’ve been asking for in droves, and so it could not help but manifest.

And if policies get passed that we don’t like, a spotlight will be shone on the flaws in those policies, and as it always does, contrast will generate change.

Positive Aspect 8: Another Election is Coming

We have mid-term elections in 2 years, and another presidential election in 4. Nothing is forever. If you don’t like the way things go, you have a chance for a different outcome next time.

And remember, Supreme Court Justices are mortal. Yes, our 45th president might very well appoint one you disagree with, but chances are very good that our 46th will appoint at least two more. And our 47th will appoint a couple more after that.

None of this is permanent.

Positive Aspect 9: He Might be Right About Something

I don’t want to start a flame war, but even the most stubborn among us have to admit that no one is right about everything, and no one is wrong about everything. Some of the new guy’s ideas might actually work.

We’ve been mired in the middle east forever. What if it required a complete upheaval in our government to finally change that situation? What if a total reversal of policy is what leads to the end of terrorism? What if an absolute outsider’s approach shakes things up enough to bring about positive change in the world and in our government?

It could happen.

Nothing happens to us. Everything happens for us. And like everything else, this election and its outcome happened for a reason.


Positive Aspect 10: It Doesn't Matter

The most important thing to remember is how little this all matters in the grand scheme of things. Some days, when I’m feeling at my most aligned, and I catch a glimpse of political coverage, I feel my higher power kind of laughing indulgently at us, the way we ourselves laugh  at the antics of the cutest, sweetest toddler we know, as we watch her playing grown up. It’s so cute how she clomps around in mommy’s high heels and smears lipstick all over her face, isn’t it?

Like that toddler, we take ourselves so very seriously, as if all our running around and arguing and warring is so very important. But we’re playing roles, all of us. Every world leader is just a toddler playing grownup.

What we are is spirit in body. We are Divine energy experiencing physical life through our bodies, seeing through our eyes, speaking through our lips, feeling through our skin, hearing through our ears, tasting through our mouths, smelling through our noses.

Why we’re here is to experience and enjoy life and to grow and expand from exposure to contrast. The minute details of the contrast matter not the least bit. It’s about the growth, not the experiences that fuel it.

Where we’re going is forward, ever forward, evolving more, loving more, accepting more, understanding more, enjoying more, experiencing more, BEING more….

It never ends. No matter which toddler we decide gets a turn to play president.

What’s Important is remaining aligned with our Source, being in the moment, allowing Source to experience through us. We create our own lives because we wield god-like power. No one else does that, we do that.

It’s not the president’s job, or congress’s job or the senate’s job to make us happy.

Happiness is a choice we make and a lifestyle we live.

Our life is in our hands, today just as it was yesterday and just as it will be tomorrow.

To make our lives better, we focus on what’s good and understand that what’s “bad” is an illusion. There’s no such thing as bad. There’s only contrast for the purpose of spurring new growth.

And that’s all that any of this is about.

All is well. Just breathe. We’re going to be just fine.

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