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20 Easy Ways to be Earth-Friendly

Some take those simple, basic truths as an excuse to do nothing. Or worse, to keep doing what they’ve been doing. But they’re missing the point. The rule isn’t just “Never push against things you don’t want.” It’s also, “Put your attention on what you do want.” And remember that just because the planet can save itself doesn’t mean the species can.

Yes, consciousness will live on. It always has. It always will. But I kind of like experiencing through this homo sapiens body, so I’d like this species to continue!

Polluted air and water instill in humankind a strong and powerful desire for clean air and clean water, yes? And just like with any other desire that’s been inspired in us, the way to see it become our reality is to live it now. To find it now. To focus on it now. To align with the vibration of a clean and thriving environment that sustains our species for countless generations to come.

How to Shift