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3 Simple Steps to a Happier Life in 2014

Some say New Year’s resolutions are silly. I disagree. The purpose of incarnating into physical beings, is to evolve, to expand, to increase the knowledge and wisdom of the Whole through our physical experience. We should constantly be trying to be better, in whatever way feels good to us.

One area where we can always improve, is happiness. For some reason, we humans seem to be miserable a lot of the time. We lose sight of the notion that we ought to be giddy just because we’re here. We’re alive! We’re in bodies! We’re on Earth! These are blessings we don’t appreciate nearly enough, probably because we don’t really know the alternatives. They’re beyond our current ability to comprehend.

We should be happy most of the time. Lest you think that’s easier said than done, here’s how in three easy steps.