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3 Steps to Successful Wish-Making

What is a wish?

A wish is our heart’s desire, our soul’s yearning, our most delicious dream.

It might be for something we want to have; a physical thing like a car, a house, a waterfall, or more money. It can be for something we want to be; a bestseller, an award winner, a superstar, a healthy person, a fit person, a happy person. It can for be something we want to do; take a trip around the world, experience the shining success of our businesses, accomplish our work with ease and mastery, experience bliss or true love, or even just a good night’s sleep.

Any passionate desire can be a wish.

Step 1: Making a Wish

The first step in wish-making is pretty simple. Make the wish.

I’ve made an annual ritual out of that!

But the truth is that the wish is made the very instant the desire bubbles up inside us, the moment when we feel that powerful realization that we really want this thing!

And that realization usually comes simultaneously with the realization that we do not presently have this thing. When I get sick, that’s the moment I wish for wellness. When I get socked with a huge bill I can’t pay, that’s when the wish for more money flies forth from my being. When I’m sitting on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere waiting for Triple A to arrive, that’s when my wish for a new car is cast.

The darker the moment, the stronger the wish for its opposite.

The worst moments of our lives are the times when our most powerful wishes are being made. -Maggie Shayne

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Speaking of ritual...

Making the wish happens automatically during life’s challenging moments. But ritualizing the wish-making process is fun and mystical, and it can also be very powerful. Next week’s post will be all about wish-making rituals and how to create your own.

Step 2: Let the wish fly

So here we are in the middle of a problem—the problem that inspired us to wish for its solution. The illness that made us wish for wellness. The lack that made us wish for abundance. The breakdown that made us wish for the new car. The breakup that made us wish for true love.

The big bad thing has happened, and it has served its purpose. The only reason it ever came was to push us into launching that wish. The solution to this apparent problem was always the new place we wanted to be. But we weren’t moving there on our own, so life had to bring us a problem to highlight for us the difference between where we are now, and where want want to be. (Read my post on Why Bad Things Happen.)

So there you go. The problem came, it created a powerful desire for the solution and our wish was made.

Now we can let go of the problem. It’s done its job. We have no further need for it.

And yet we tend to stay in the problem long after its usefulness has been spent. We tell our friends about it. We discuss with our family. We research it online. We join YahooGroups about it. We find bloggers who post week after week about our problem, and we subscribe to them. We might even write our own blog post about it!

All these habits are the glue that keeps the problem alive and well in our lives, and prevents us for moving into the solution.

These habits of focussing on the problem, keep our wish from coming true. And they’re pretty much the only thing in the Universe that has the power to do so.

How to let a problem go

I can’t banish a problem. I can’t cast a spell or make a wish or say a prayer to make a problem go away. Those things cannot work, because when I’m doing those things, my attention is on the problem, and my attention is everything. It’s the water that makes things grow. Whatever I pour it on gets bigger. So I surely don’t want to pour my life-giving attention onto the problem.

I don’t want to talk about it, share it with others, join a support group to discuss it, dissect it, analyze it, figure out where it came from, or what I did to attract it or who’s responsible for it or how to fight it. All those things are still focusing on the problem.

The only way to stop focusing on the problem is to replace it with something else. I have to distract myself from it, and the best way to do that is to focus instead on the solution.

We must put our full attention on the wish we’ve made, not on the reason we made it.

hink about how awesome it’s going to be when it arrives.

  1. Think about how awesome it’s going to be when it arrives.

  2. Be as sure it’s going to come, as we are when we place an order at Amazon.

  3. Avoid thoughts of when, where, or how it’s coming, and just know that it is and celebrate in advance.

  4. Practice for the moment when it shows up. What will I say? How will I feel? I can live it out right now in a mental dress rehearsal.

  5. Make the wish our favorite topic of conversation. Discuss it with friends and family. Subscribe to YahooGroups and blogs about it.

  6. Make preparations for it to arrive. Lay the groundwork. Install the outlet to plug it in.

Be happy

Bridge by my brilliant husband Lance Lewis

Most importantly of all, is that we choose to be happy right where we are, before the wish even arrives. Happier and happier and happier. So happy we get to the point where we start wondering if we really need that wish after all. (That’s when it’s going to appear in a puff of purple smoke and glitter.)

Everywhere we look, we can be seeking reasons to be happy. Every day, we can set out to find things in our lives to be grateful for, things to appreciate. Gradually and determinedly…

  1. We bask more, and worry less.

  2. Relax more and struggle less.

  3. Laugh more and plan less.

  4. Do more fun things and fewer unpleasant things.

The best thing we can do to make our wishes come true is to spend time every day just being. Sitting quietly, listening to the birds, basking in the sunshine, relishing some music, relaxing our muscles, adoring our bodies, enjoying our tea, feeling our breaths, appreciating our spirits, and praising them all.

Step 3: Watch for signs it's working

Do not skip this crucial step.

Every single day we can look for signs that our wish is coming true. Here are some of the things we’ll see, but there are countless others.

We’ll start seeing the thing we want everywhere. The car we want will pass us every time we’re out driving. That koi pond will be front and center at some event we attend. The dream home will be in a magazine photo. When we see our wish coming true for others around us, it’s important to react with a joyous, “Yay! My wish is circling the runway. It’s closer and closer. My energy must be almost a perfect match for it.”

We must never react with a resentful “No fair! He has it and I don’t!”

We’ll also start noticing things that are like our wish, miniature versions of the wish, or parts of the wish, popping into our lives. In many if not most cases, these will be things that have been there for a long time and were just invisible to us.

My husband was wishing for Taj MaGarage long before we built it. And one of the earliest manifestations was when one day, it hit him that the old horse barn, where we stored junk we didn’t need, was a perfect place to use for a garage/workshop in the meantime. When we hoed it out, it turned out to be a really good space, and he did a lot of work in that area and enjoyed it throughly while awaiting the arrival of his wish. In fact, bit by bit, he made that horse barn into a functional, satisfying workspace. Having a place to work, enjoying the work he did there, changed his vibration. He was tuning himself to the same feelings having his dream shop would bring to him. And when the vibrations matched, Taj MaGarage become a reality. (Although he’s already got a list of improvements, but that’s the nature of wishing. It never stops.)

I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t have any pieces of my wish.”

You do, actually. You have all the pieces. It’s your wish. Your creation. It doesn’t exist anywhere else more strongly than it exists in you and in your life right now. The components are just invisible to you at this point. You literally cannot see them yet.

Stars are in the sky all day

It’s true. All day long, there are stars in the sky. But you can’t see them because the sun is so bright, it’s the only thing you can see.

Like the sun, your problem has all your attention. You can’t see the tiny sparks of light that form the solution while the problem is the brightest thing in your sky.

But the act of beginning to look for those components is all it takes make them visible to you. As you shift your attention from the problem to the solution, and look for signs your wish is coming true, all those pieces you need will gleam brighter and brighter, while the problem sets like the sun in the evening.

Celebrate each of those stars as they appear, no matter how small they might be.

Then as you’re basking in those, really looking at them and reminding yourself how much you love them, your energy changes. You change.

You’ll see things you forgot you had that can lead to the wish. And you’ll delight in those things, and the next time you look, there will be even more. You’ll find a tray you thought was junk, but is really silver. You’ll find a check you forgot to cash. You’ll find a treasure you’ve never seen before. You’ll get an unexpected refund.

And now you’ve become a little beacon, sending out a signal. “I find treasures everywhere I look! The more I look for my wishes, the more they seem to come true!”

When that signal goes out from you, you become a magnet for the things that match your feeling of wealth and good fortune and abundance and blessings and amazing gratitude for every little thing you already have. That’s the energy you emit, and so that’s the energy you attract.

You have, in fact, attuned your receiver to the vibration of your wish. Match it, and it vibrates into your physical experience.

And it always feels like it was right there the whole time, but hidden by that blinding sunlight, and then still hidden for a little while longer as your eyes adjusted to the darkness.

What's really happening?

We aren’t actually creating the thing we wished for. We did that the moment we wished for it.

The rest of the steps are us, becoming the person who has, does, and is, what we wished for. We’re becoming the person who is fit and healthy. We’re becoming the person in the fulfilling love relationship. We’re becoming the person who drives the Porsche and lives in the lake house. We’re becoming the bestselling author, the award winner, the owner of the fabulously successful business.

What’s changing is inside. What we believe. What we expect. Our habits of thought. The focus of our attention. These things, these beliefs, expectations, habits and focus, are what create our reality.

Final tips for wish-makers

  1. Don’t hate “problems.” They’re wish seeds.

  2. Pour your life-giving attention only on the seeds you want to grow.

  3. The stronger your beliefs, the faster your wishes will come true.

  4. All the components of your wish already exist in your life. To see them you need only start looking for them, and wait for your eyes to adjust.

Happy Wishing!

You are the owner of all that you perceive. But you can't perceive apart from your vibration. Feel your way, little-by-little, into a greater sense of abundance, by looking for the treasures that the Universe is offering you on a day-to-day basis. —Abraham

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