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3 Steps to Successful Wish-Making

What is a wish?

A wish is our heart’s desire, our soul’s yearning, our most delicious dream.

It might be for something we want to have; a physical thing like a car, a house, a waterfall, or more money. It can be for something we want to be; a bestseller, an award winner, a superstar, a healthy person, a fit person, a happy person. It can for be something we want to do; take a trip around the world, experience the shining success of our businesses, accomplish our work with ease and mastery, experience bliss or true love, or even just a good night’s sleep.

Any passionate desire can be a wish.

Step 1: Making a Wish

The first step in wish-making is pretty simple. Make the wish.

I’ve made an annual ritual out of that!

But the truth is that the wish is made the very instant the desire bubbles up inside us, the moment when we feel that powerful realization that we really want this thing!

And that realization usually comes simultaneously with the realization that we do not presently have this thing. When I get sick, that’s the moment I wish for wellness. When I get socked with a huge bill I can’t pay, that’s when the wish for more money flies forth from my being. When I’m sitting on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere waiting for Triple A to arrive, that’s when my wish for a new car is cast.