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30 Day Change Your Life Challenge

Do you like your life?

If you don’t, and you want to change it, or if you do and you want to expand it, then read on because it’s easier than you ever would’ve believed, and you can see serious change begin to happen in your life within 30 days. I promise.

Don't believe it'll work? Take the challenge: Practice the steps a few paragraphs down for 30 consecutive days. If you forget, start over. Go on, I dare you!

Deep within us is a bubbling cauldron of a powerful magic potion. Its ingredients are:

1. Our deepest beliefs. Everything in our lives is a reflection of our own deepest beliefs, even the ones (or especially the ones) we don’t realize we carry.

2. Our true expectations. Our lives will unfold the way we expect them to. If all we’ve ever seen is poverty, or addiction, or violence, we carry an inner expectation that this is what life looks like for us. But we can change that.

3. Our habits of thought. We have default settings. Habits of thought, like all habits, are pathways in our brains that have been traveled so many times they’ve created grooves. We automatically