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30 Day Change Your Life Challenge

Do you like your life?

If you don’t, and you want to change it, or if you do and you want to expand it, then read on because it’s easier than you ever would’ve believed, and you can see serious change begin to happen in your life within 30 days. I promise.

Don't believe it'll work? Take the challenge: Practice the steps a few paragraphs down for 30 consecutive days. If you forget, start over. Go on, I dare you!

Deep within us is a bubbling cauldron of a powerful magic potion. Its ingredients are:

1. Our deepest beliefs. Everything in our lives is a reflection of our own deepest beliefs, even the ones (or especially the ones) we don’t realize we carry.

2. Our true expectations. Our lives will unfold the way we expect them to. If all we’ve ever seen is poverty, or addiction, or violence, we carry an inner expectation that this is what life looks like for us. But we can change that.

3. Our habits of thought. We have default settings. Habits of thought, like all habits, are pathways in our brains that have been traveled so many times they’ve created grooves. We automatically follow those well worn paths in response to familiar things. This is why habits are so hard to break. But if we have habits of complaining, of fearing, of expecting or fearing the worst, of subconsciously being on the lookout for problems all the time, we must change them.

Everything in our lives is created from the vapors and steam rising from our inner cauldron. We put in worry, worry rises from the pot and fills the air and creates clouds of worry that rain worriesome things down into our physical reality. Scary things pop up everywhere we look and we say, “See? I was right to worry!”

But if we add a handful of joy to our cauldron, then joy vapors rise and crystallize and fill our reality with joyful things. Gifts, surprises all things that bring joy pop up everywhere we look, and we say, “See? I was right to be joyful!”

The Story of Us

If someone said, “Tell me about yourself,” what would be your answer? Stop and think for a minute about this before you finish reading here. Think about your answer. Grab a pad and pen and write a few lines down. What’s your story?

Chances are pretty good that most of us would pepper our story with all the drama we’ve lived, our history, the bad stuff that happened, how hard we fought to get where we now are, and how hard we work now to stay there, and all the things we’re currently unhappy about or fighting against. The worst thing in your life right now is going to be the climax of the story.

That story, the one you’d tell without thinking, that’s your default setting. That is telling you everything you need to know about what you really believe about yourself and your life. And that is what you are creating. That’s the energy you’re emitting, and so it creates everything that matches it in your experience.

To change your life you must change your story.

The 30-Day Challenge

So here’s my 30 Day Change Your Life Challenge

  1. Begin every day with 15 minutes of meditation. If you need help on how to meditate, there’s a box with my method below.

  2. End every day by writing down 10 good things that happened that day.

  3. Consciously choose to talk about things that are going well and stop complaining. Do not talk on the phone, or text, or email, or post, or tweet about anything negative at all. If someone brings up negative things, (like politics) resist the urge to jump in, and respond with something good instead.

  4. Try to notice when bad feelings come to you and what you were doing/thinking at the time. Take steps to avoid those things or to change how you think about those things. (We’ll talk about this more in a future post.)

That's it!

It’s enough for now. I dare everyone reading to try these steps for 30 days. If you mess up, start over. Try to get 30 consecutive days where you journal 10 positive things that you saw, did, felt, experienced during your day, meditate, and don’t complain, and let me know what you start seeing in your life.

Questions? Post in Comments and I'll Reply!


Get comfortable. Turn off phones. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Close your eyes.

Breathe in slowly for 3 counts. Breathe out slowly for 5 counts. This is the rhythm of your breaths for the entire time. In for 3, out for 5.

Find a soft sound that's not too loud, so you have to focus (but softly, don't strain) to hear. I listen to a stream if I'm outside. Indoors, the hum of the AC, small portable fountain, a clock ticking, anything.

Thoughts will come. As they do, just let them float away as you gently re-focus on the sound and on counting your breaths. In for 3, out for 5.

It gets easier each time you do it.

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