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40 Days & 40 Nights–Day 11

So I’m in the midst of trying to write a book in 40 days, and I’m entering my second weekend of the challenge. I strolled into the first weekend about ten pages behind schedule. Then I wrote extra each day and got all caught up again. And then my daughter Stacie really ill, and I spent a night in the ER with her, half of the next day at her place, and then the other half of the day sleeping it all off. So I was behind by ten pages again. I did a few extra throughout the week, so that now, I’m going into this second weekend, behind schedule by 6 & 1/2 pages. Easy to make that up over the weekend.

I was amazed as I reached day ten, and page 94 yesterday afternoon. Amazed because I really believe I’m going to pull this off, and pull it off well. I love what’s happening with this book so far. I love the empowering feeling of knowing I can write it in whatever time I’m allowed, without losing a bit of the quality. I guess you don’t know what you’re capable of until you push yourself right to the limits. And then you start to get the secret–there are no limits. You can do anything if you believe you can do it. And I do.

But I’ve also been feeling a little resentful on some days. I’ve been enjoying my life a lot, and suddenly, it’s been turned upside down. Everything changed all at once. My empty house became full, and my relaxed schedule became packed full. And I knew that no deadline was worth surrendering my feelings of well being. If I’m not happy, every day, every hour, just giddy, then I’m off track. Because being happy and experiencing joy is really why we’re here. And besides, when we’re in our joy, great things come to us. When we’re miserable or stressed or tense, great things are blocked from us.