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40 Days & 40 Nights-Day 15

So now I’m 14 pages behind schedule. I don’t think it’s going to be too hard to catch up, though. A few extra pages each day and I’ll be right back on top. And it’s only a day and a half behind anyway, so no big deal. I just can’t get too much further behind than that. And Thursday is the state fair with my granddaughter, so I need to buckle down.

That’s the update for now. Couldn’t make it all small enough for ping, but I’ll ping the link to here, and then I’m diving in.

It’s still fun. That’s the main thing, right there. As long as this is still fun, I’ll do fine. 26 days to go. Surely, it can stay fun that long!

(Don’t call me Shirley!)

Ping you later!

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