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40 Days & 40 Nights-Day 19

But on topic, I got all caught up on Thursday, even with the plans for the state fair with granddaughter Ella. Wrote 21 pages that day! BAM!

And the fair was FUN! I was a little bummed about the long lines for rides at first. It was the day when you pay one price and ride all day, so there were lots of kids in line for every ride. We’d stand there for about 20 minutes for each 5 minute ride. And I was concerned we wouldn’t have enough time to ride everything we wanted to, before the concert. But as it turned out, we had plenty of time. We rode just enough. Then we had gyros, then bought popcorn and a vat of cotton candy, and headed to the Mohegan Sun grandstand for the show. Not to mention the impending belly ache.

I was really impressed with Kelly Clarkson. I found I knew lots of her songs (sort of, not by heart like the real fans by any means!) and I was surprised she’s had that many popular hits. I didn’t realize. Where have I been anyway? But I wasn’t really sold on her until she did a bluesy version of a Patsy Cline classic that just really blew me away. (You Tube video of just that, below!)

So that was fun. We dragged ourselves home by midnight, and crashed into bed.

But the next day, Friday, (Day 18) I woke up not feeling at all well. Just kind of sick all over and achy. And since it was Friday, and I didn’t want to go through the weekend that way, I decided to run to my doc, get her opinion, even though I didn’t think I needed it. I didn’t want to wake up Saturday morning and realize that I really did.

But first I had to return my Ella to her mom by ten. So I did that, reluctantly, as I enjoy having her so much! Came home, and sat down to write, and promptly fell asleep instead.

Woke up in time to head to the doc’s appt. I went, as a precaution and found out just about what I thought would. My entire system is out of balance. I’ve been pushing too hard, and not taking good enough care of myself. And I knew that, but I didn’t give it any attention until my body forced me to.

So I’ve got some meds to get things in order in the short term, and I’m taking the steps I need to take to get and stay back in the pink of health. I need to get back to eating things that are good for me, rather than grabbing whatever is quick and getting back to work. I need to factor time into each day for exercise and yoga and meditation to keep my energies in balance. And I need to reduce the stress levels that have been steadily increasing for most of the summer, hitting their peak this month.

And while doing all that, I still need to get those pages written and the book done. Which is a little bit stressful to think about. The only way to ease that bit of stress, however, is to just get it done and put it behind me.

So Day 18 resulted in 0 pages, because I napped and went to the doc instead, and that’s okay. Today is Day 19. I enter it just one single day behind schedule, but it seems like I do that every weekend–end up a day behind, and catch up again within a day or two. So I’ll get my pages done, and maybe a few extras, and I’ll do healthy stuff for myself too. That’s my intention anyway!

That’s the update for now! Wish me luck getting back in balance!


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