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40 Days & 40 Nights–Week One in Review

Ahhh, now you’re getting it. This is do or die.

Okay, so week one went well. I got one day behind, but caught right back up over the weekend. On Sunday, I had promised daughter #5 that I’d take her shopping and to a movie for her birthday. So I got up early and wrote my 10 pages before we left, and I was DONE.

But then, daughter #4 got sick. Stomach issues, and we still don’t have a diagnosis, but I spent all night in the ER with her, and then stayed half the next day,(Monday) and got home by noon, but was just too exhausted to write. So I blew it off. Sometimes your mental health comes first.

And now it’s Tuesday, day one of week 2. Once again, I did my ten pages, and still had time to take the dogs for their vet appointment, write my column (Shayne on You) for the Evening Sun, and do lots of other stuff. But no extra pages. So I’m starting Week Two just ten pages short. I need to write 80 pages this coming week, rather than 70.

However, I have to say that I think it’s going very, very well. There’s a real feeling of empowerment about being able to do this despite all the little blips and bumps that life tends to throw in the way. And I feel like, if I can pull this off, there must not be a heck of a lot that I can’t do.

Time with my guy has been really short this past week, but I think that’s more about other things going on in our lives, than about this effort. And none of those things have anything to do with us, but more with the other people in our lives, and those little snafus that pop in to add more work to an already full platter. And yet, I feel like we’re closer than ever, and I know we’ll be making up for lost time as things begin to settle down again.

We all need to just take a deep breath, and as we release it, release every bit of the tension that’s been building up lately along with it.

What we really need is a long weekend away. And yeah, I’d have to take the laptop with me. But that would be a small inconvenience.

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