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The Kindle link for TWILIGHT FULFILLED is FINALLY up!

I’m GIVING AWAY Tarot Card Readings & Free copies of the Ebook WITCH MOON every couple of days for the next two weeks! All you have to do to enter is REPOST THE KINDLE LINK to TWILIGHT FULFILLED on FB or Twitter or on any other social network OR post a review of the book anywhere online with the kindle link included. You then need to make sure I get a copy so I know you did it, so send me the UR…L or cc me on the tweet @maggieshayne or email me at Everyone who does this gets tossed into the hat to win. The more times you post, the more entries you get. I’m literally writing down names and throwing them into a bowl to pick winners. I’m a very good Tarot card reader! So spread that link, and spread the word about this new contest too. I’ll have it up on my website very soon.

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