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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I am awareness in a void. You would say I was. I’ll use your terms, then.

I was awareness in a void, with no sense of what I was, only THAT I was. I had no sense of time or space. I was all that existed. I was awareness, and what I was most aware of was this yearning within me for more. I yearned and my yearning exploded from me in a million directions, and it became gasses and metals and swirling balls of fire. All that exists in the physical form was created by my longing.

And suddenly there were stars and planets and space and time.

But my longing remained. I had not so much made the Universe, but I had become it. Every bit of it was a tendril of me, and now there was so much to look at. So much to see.

So much to BE, really. Because it was all still me. I am every star, every planet, every element. I experience existence as each of them. I experience being every speck of cosmic dust.

I became Earth, a living being, pulsing with consciousness, awareness, life, and as Earth, I yearned still.

The heat made me-as-Earth long for coolness, and so I became cooler. The dryness made me yearn for moisture, and so become wetter.

I became what you call the earliest form of life, the single celled organisms that your scientists say first emerged, but I was always life. I’m the only life, and everything that exists IS me, and so there is LIFE in all things, because they’re all me. I am the rocks, the trees, the dirt, the grass. My awareness, which is all I am, creates worlds through which to experience BEING.

And as each creation I desire my way into more. I lean naturally into what feels best, which is natural for all things This is what you call evolution. Just me, experiencing life as a creature and leaning into constant improvement.

The longing for more still pulses and drives me. It fuels the very expansion it craves, and soon there is you, there is humanity. And you beautiful beings are me, and I am you, I’m your Inner being, your life force, your soul, that’s ME.

In you, AS you, I look back through the many iterations of ME in search of my beginnings. And as you, I perceive myself as that "consciousness in a void." I examine and explore myself because of YOU. You are a new perspective for me. I can look back at myself only because I am you.

Together we see myriad the aspects of the pure Consciousness I was, by the very act of looking for them. You and I name these aspects Goddess and God. We name them Isis, Astarte, Diana, Yemaya, Cerridwen, Morrigan, Mary. We name them the shining Lady of the moon, Gaia of the earth. We name them Jesus, Allah, Enki, An, Ra, Osirus, Pan, Herne, Yahweh, and Cernunnos. We name them the Horned God of the woodlands, the Sun God of the skies.

And I AM all of them because of you and every molecule that led to you, because through you I can look upon the many aspects of myself of which I was unaware.

They only exist when another becomes aware of them. This is true of all things. There is a deep lesson in this truth. Nothing exists until we become aware of it. It is our perception that creates all we experience. And yet by the same simple law, all things exist in the state of pure potential. Anything we turn our attention to must become.

We do not have to create what we want so much as become it. Discover it. Explore in search of it and find it and uncover it and see it. Like a treasure-hunter. Our feelings are the map.

As you, I experience myself as a million other humans. They are all me. Even the ones you think you hate.

As you, I can adore myself as dog and cat, as bird and deer, as insect and worm. I can bask in myself as nature, as waterfall, stream, and ocean, as mountain and desert and forest and swamp. As sunshine and breezes and showers and storms. As snow. Do you have any idea how fun it is to be snow? Well, of course you do, because you are me and I have been snow. I am snow right now, in many places on the Earth.

And AS each those things, I get to perceive all of the others.

I experience YOU both from the outside, as all others perceive you, and from the inside because I AM YOU.

I am not your brain. Your brain is a computer that analyzes data and spits out results. It does this without calculating the truth of what you are into the equation. It acts as if you are just you. But you can train it to do better.

Your brain is not me. It’s a tool to help you keep our physical forms healthy. Heat burns. Seatbelts work. Vaccines end pandemics. These are the work of the brain. You need a functioning brain.

But do not mistake your brain for you. It is your tool. I am you. You are vast and limitless Consciousness experiencing itself and all it has created by being you.

This a perfect, ever-expanding circle of ME, Consciousness, expanding to experience through every form we can dream up. I created you and then as you, I created me. We made all the Gods and Goddesses we perceive, and some we haven’t yet discovered, because by discovering those aspects, we created them. That’s how this works. That’s how we create. By exploring and perceiving that which has not been perceived before, we are creating new and expanding the Universe.

I am you and you are me. Everything you see around you…it’s me. And therefore, it’s you.

Everything is expanding and that will never, can never stop. Gender is expanding. Ideas are expanding. Knowledge is expanding.

We are in a state of perpetual change and our purpose is to experience, choose, and grow.

We experience in order to form preferences.

We choose according to what feels best to us.

We grow in the direction of what we have chosen.

We expand into a new state/place/time that has never existed before.

And from that improved state, we again experience, then choose, then grow.

The human being is the leading edge of this expanding thing we call reality. It’s getting bigger all the time, but we are standing at the very edge, pushing the boundaries and causing the expansion.

And by “we” I mean Me. Consciousness, and you, my literal mini-me.

Find me behind your thoughts, beneath them, beyond them, and in the silence between them. You have to quiet your computer brain to hear me. You will learn to tell the difference. It only takes a little practice. Computer brain churns out things you think you should do. I communicate through feelings and through other bits of myself. Nature. The shapes of the clouds. The antics of the birds.

My awareness seeks improvement and finds it by following the flow that feels good. So thoughts that do not feel good do not come from me. To-do lists do not come from me. Fears and worries do not come from me. You have to release those things to find me.

Feel me. I am peace. I am immortality. I am timeless. I have always been. I will always be. I am everyone you know, living or what you call dead. (There is no such thing as dead.) I am the font of all knowledge, all experience, and the limitless pool of potential. I am the clay from which reality is formed.I am absolute power for I can be and do anything I desire.

And so, then, are can you.

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