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A Beltane Rite

And the wheel turns.

In my most recent post, I talked about the sexual energy of Beltane, and that's linked below.

In this one, I want to give you an actual rite to perform.

The energy of our natural world shifts once again. As we say in The Craft, the wheel turns. In the Northern Hemisphere, we move from the early spring energy of the planning and preparing,into the height of spring as it rolls toward summer, the season

It’s time to stop planning and start acting! Whatever you are creating, crank it up! And crank those desires up, too. Do not be afraid to wish big!

The Beltane Rite


Sometime during the space between traditional and astrological Beltane (in 2022 that’s 5/1 - 5/5) prepare a bonfire or bonfire alternative (below.)

Choose your magical goals ahead of time. What projects or life goals are ready for you to turn up the heat? Find items that you can burn that represent those projects and goals and place them near your fire.

Place some of last year’s herbs near the fire as well, anything that can lend its energy to the projects and creations you have chosen to work on this night.

Choose music in advance. You must have music. Or make your own. Drumming works nicely. Rattling, too. Have the chant of a favorite spell memorized or have a recording chosen and ready to play. Everything naturally must lend itself to your goals.

Choose words of empowerment, celebration of certain victory. Do not use words of needing or pleading or yearning. It's already done.

Bonfire Alternatives

If you don’t live where a bonfire is possible, there are lots of alternatives and you can use your imagination to come up with others besides what I suggest here.

Outside: Build a small fire of twigs and herbs inside a cauldron or other small, fire-safe container. Even a charcoal grill can be used for a patio sized fire.

Inside: Light a charcoal tablet if you have one and place into a small cauldron. Once it is glowing red, add herbs so you have smoke. This works even more nicely if you can also put a small votive candle into the same cauldron and light it up as well. You'll want the charcoal contained and something between it and the candle.

Use what nature provides

I use fallen limbs and twigs to burn. I do not cut trees for sacred fires. I like to use what nature provides freely.

The Bonfire Rite

Overview: When your fire is burning brightly, you will raise energy toward your magical goal in the old fashioned way of the Witches. We do this through song, dance, rhythm, movement, emotion, visualization. We increase the tempo of our efforts until they reach a crescendo and then release them all at once toward our goals.

Tips: Always move deosil (clockwise) around the bonfire. Have music playing to which you sing or play along, or recite a chant of your own while rattling or drumming an accompanying beat. It’s important, what you choose. It should match your goals. It shouldn’t be words of need or longing, but empowered words that acknowledge it is already done and elevate you up into the vibration where it lives. We are tuning in what we desire.

This is a bawdy holiday, so high energy, confidence to the point of cockiness, certainty, fearlessness, passion. Really embrace the power of the Sun at Beltane. It’s taking its throne and will beam light on whatever you say, giving it life, making it grow.

And so the rite is this:

With all this in mind, dance, drum, chant, rattle. Toss in handfuls of herbs and the items representing your goals as you dance around the fire, clockwise, always clockwise. And ever faster. And chant ever faster and keep the rhythm ever faster, and faster. And with this dance, feel joy, not effort. Feel you’re celebrating the arrival of your magical goal rather than conjuring for it. You are the Goddess of your universe and it is spring, and you are bursting with life and the sun is your other half, nurturing you all the while. Feel this energy as you dance and chant and keep the beat, until you feel just brimming with joyous power. Then see your goal in your mind’s eye and say, “Release!”

As you say it, relax and feel the energy whoosh from you. Relax. Sink to the ground or floor, if you like. Relax a moment. Let the leftover energy drain away. I usually say. “So mote it be," to seal the spell.

It is done. Get up, enjoy your bonfire or gaze into your cauldron. Relax. Enjoy your life. Look at what is good in it. Look at all that is just as it should be. Know your goal is right there for you. You’re simply adjusting your lens until you can see that it’s been there all along.

Bask for a while with the fire and the energies of Beltane, of Gaia, of Springtime, of the Sun. Give thanks for all that is good. Give thanks in advance for the good that is to come.

When you finish up, have a grain-based snack. I'm gonna say cake.

Blessed Beltane.

The Beltane Song "Lord and Lady" by Lisa Thiel.

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