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A Birthday Wishing Spell

Yesterday was my birthday, and all throughout the day and spilling over into this morning people have been sending me birthday wishes. These are not merely words. Usually, when people say happy birthday they are genuinely wishing you wellness. Every single "Happy birthday!" is a beam of good will. This is real energy with a positive charge. Positive energy is never wasted, and since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we can gather it up and re-purpose it directly toward our most desired goal.

The blowing out of birthday candles with a wish is a magic spell. Most people don't realize they are casting a spell when they blow out birthday candles. Think about it. The singing of the traditional birthday song raises energy that peaks as you blow out the candles with a wish on your mind, releasing the raised energy toward its goal. Then you ground yourself with the traditional post magic rite of cakes and ale. It's natural magic 101!

Through the years, one of the teachings that nestled into my brain is that candles used in ritual or magic should be snuffed, not blown out. The blowing out, I read somewhere, is offensive to the gods. I don't think non-physical is "offended" by anything. Pure positive energy, right? So blowing your candles out with your wish is fine. I, personally, snuff them out. After the happy birthday is sung, with the candles burning and absorbing all the good will, I snuff them and then take them home, brimming with good will, to use in a wishing spell later, in private.

Here's my birthday wishing spell, inspired by the work of Dorothy Morrison.

The Birthday Wish Spell

*Read the full spell before you begin.

You'll need 1 altar candle, some salt, a cookie sheet, and some tin foil. You can also choose any oil that matches the vibration of your goal to dress the candle. This is optional. (Instructions below.)

Create sacred space in any way you wish. For this spell, I'd cast a proper circle, call the quarters, and invoke all the helpers in my arsenal. It's my birthday wish, after all.

Step 1. Choose your altar candle in the color that matches your magical goal.

Step 2. Keep the candle with you throughout your birthday. Hold it in your hands as you read online birthday greetings.Keep it in your pocket as you attend birthday celebrations. If there are candles on your birthday cake, keep those, as well. Even if you've already made a wish and blown them out, keep them.

Step 3. Dress the altar candle with any oil that matches the energy of your wish or goal. Do this by dampening your fingertips with the oil, and then rubbing it down the candle, in this manner: Hold the candle with its wick pointing away from you and the base aimed right at your chest. Start in the middle of the candle, and rub the oil toward you, to the base. Then flip the candle so the wick is toward you and the base away. Start in the middle and rub all the oil down the candle toward you from the center to the wick, including the wick itself.

Step 4. When you find a quiet moment, even if it's in the days following your birthday (all time is now) take out the candle you've been carrying with you, soaking up good will. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil. Melt the bottom of the candle a little and press it to the center of the lined sheet, so it stands upright, or use a candle holder. If you want to add the candles from your birthday cake to the spell, do the same to them, and stand them in a spiral around the main candle.

Step 5. Use the salt to create a circle around the main candle. If using birthday candles as well, spiral the salt from candle to candle, moving inward to the center candle, ending in a loop around that main candle.

Step 6. Write your wish or goal on a small scrap of paper. If you can come up with a symbol of your goal, include that on the opposite side. Symbols, images, work better than words in magic. You might even cut or print a photo of the goal and use that here.

Step 7. Fold the wish paper or papers up small and place beside the main candle, within its salt circle.

Step 8. Light the candle. If using the birthday cake candles, light them in order from the furthest away, to the main candle, following the spiral, and then light the main candle. If using just the one main candle, just light it.

Step 9. Now relax, close your eyes and visualize you with your birthday wish come true. Imagine yourself using, experiencing, being, having whatever it is you've wished for. Feel those feelings now. This is how you match your energy to the energy of the goal. And when those two vibrations match, the goal must manifest. It is law. If you imagine your goal with the heartache or longing of not having it yet, your spell won't work. You must feel as if it has already happened.

Step 10. With this feeling of having it, of celebrating it now, firmly in your mind, hold your hands over the candles and say the birthday wishing chant:

I wished to become,

And so I became,

I wish this for me,

And so it must be!

You might want to move in a clockwise circle around the cookie sheet, or move your hands over it, repeating the chant over and over. The magic isn't the words, like in the movies. The magic is the energy you raise. The words are the seasoning that help direct it. Rhythm helps. A drum or a rattle helps. Giving it a beat or melody helps. Dancing helps. All these things raise energy. Be sure your focus is on the feeling of having the goal. This is doing the victory dance in order to manifest the victory. Celebrating in advance. Feeling it NOW.

When you feel the energy is high, say or think "Release!" and flow the energy through your hands and into the main candle. Watch the flame when you do this.

Now relax, sit down, close your eyes and again, as your candle burns, again imagine yourself using, experiencing, being, having whatever it is you've wished for. Feel the feelings. Give thanks for the manifestation. Be that sure it is inevitable.So sure you give thanks in advance.

Thank and release any energies you have invoked and take up the circle if you have cast one. Ground yourself afterward with a grain-based snack, such as, oh, I don't know...leftover birthday cake. perhaps?

Blessed be!


Questions answered, alignment enhanced, love and light given.

You will love your reading.

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