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A Mabon Ritual

During the day, gather several large leaves that have fallen from trees. These carry the essence of autumn, and of the balance of the equinox.

During the night, sit before your Mabon fire, with the incense burning nearby. Or, if indoors, sit before your cauldron with a tea light burning inside. Be sure you have room to move around the fire.

Take one of the leaves, hold it in your hands, and think about something that has come to you during the spring or summer, or will come this fall or winter, or something that is on its way to you now. Feel the joy of knowing you did that. You manifested that. You created it, by your desire and your alignment. Take time with this feeling. Bask in it.

Pick up the mirror, look into it, and whisper, “Thank you.”

Set the leaf into the basket.

Pick up another leaf, and repeat with something else that has come to you, and so on.

Continue until you are completely alive and empowered with feelings of appreciation and joyful gratitude.What you feel is the most important thing here. You have to truly feel the joy you felt when the thing or experience arrived.

By stem and root, by leaf and tree

All I wish for, made by me. (Toss a leaf into the fire or cauldron to burn)

By apples crisp and pumpkins’ glow

Tis my belief that makes it so (Toss a leaf into the fire.)

By harvest moon and waning sun

My Source and I align as One (Toss a leaf into the fire.)

Repeat the chant until all your gratitude leaves have been tossed. To properly raise energy, the pace of your movement around the fire, and the energy behind your words should increase, and increase, and peak as you throw each leaf. Dancing around the fire instead of just walking can help to raise energy. Singing the words instead of just saying them, can too. You could add a rattle shake or have a drumbeat recording playing in the background to add to the energy. Repeat each phrase as many times as it takes to work up a fun, excited, powerful, joyful energy, before releasing each leaf into the fire.

Next, repeat the entire ritual with the “wish” leaves, only this time, empower each one with a wish you’re still awaiting.

Hold the leaf and imagine having this wish come true. Imagine it so powerfully that you get choked up. Tears burn. Your throat goes tighter. Get emotional. Feel it is already done, guaranteed, on the way, no more work needed.

Then pick up the mirror, and again, whisper “Thank you,” because it’s already done, and you’re the one who did it.

When all your leaves are charged with your wishes, repeat dancing round the fire, chanting or singing the words to raise energy, and tossing each wish to the flames, one by one.

As you watch the sparks rise, know they carry your will with them into the ethers to help your wish manifest.

When you’ve tossed the last leaf, relax entirely, mentally as well as physically. Sink down onto the earth and rest and let go of all the energy you have raised. Let the earth ground you.

It is done. After ritual, it’s a good idea to have an earthy snack–bread, cracker, fruit–to help ground back into the physical world.

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