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A Super Moon Eclipse Ritual

“Because the orbit of the moon is not a perfect circle, the moon is sometimes closer to the Earth than at other times during its orbit. When the moon is farthest away it’s known as apogee, and when it’s closest it’s known as perigee. On September 27, we’re going to have a perigee full moon—the closest full moon of the year.” Noah Petro, deputy project scientist for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. That’s right folks, we’re in for a Super Moon! And moreover, it’s also a lunar eclipse, which will be visible to the naked eye beginning on Sunday, September 27th between at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time. This is the first time in 30 years that we’ve had a lunar eclipse during a super moon (perigee) lunar cycle! And that’s special. Especially to the mystics among us. While this is mostly a Law of Attraction based blog, it’s also created by a Wiccan, and today I’m putting on my pointy hat. I thought some of my readers might enjoy a little ritual to make use of the energy of this full moon. I certainly intend to. And for those who aren’t into writing their own, I’m including one right here. *Choose your goal and begin your work ahead of time. As in, do it now.

Maggie’s SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse Magick

Select an area outside, or in room with a view of the full moon lunar eclipse. Place items representing Earth in the North, Air in the East, Fire in the South, and Water in the West. I also like a cauldron in the center. Use a fireproof fish if you have no cauldron. (I actually meant a fireproof dish. Not a fish. But the typo was too funny to obliterate.) If outdoors, a small bonfire can serve the purpose. Place items representing your magickal goals in the circle as well. For example, I’ll have a statue that reminds me of Rhiannon and the cover of her upcoming book to do a working for its success. You can have a photo or just write your goals on a paper and use that. Also in the circle try to have candles (or torches if outside,) so you have light to work by. Also have a mirror (I have a silver hand mirror) that you have prepared beforehand by ritually cleansing it. You can also do that on the night of the ritual if you wish. I like to reflect the moonlight from the mirror onto any items that represent my goals. Since the lunar eclipse energy is so strong, I’ll also be charging a fresh batch of Moon Water, and all of my divination tools in my circle on this night. It is my custom to begin by casting a magical circle, honoring

the energies of the four directions, and calling on the Male and Female aspects of the Divine. Begin your ritual in whatever way feels right to you. Take the item that represents the goal to you and carry it with you as you recite the following charm:

From the east my goals are born (Hold the item up to the East, and imagine the blessings of Air.)

Passion adds its fiery storm (Repeat in the South)

Feel emotions in advance (Repeat in the West.

Celebrating now, I dance. (Dancing round the circle)

Shadow of the Earth and Sun (Dancing round the circle)

Moon and Me and All are one (Dancing round the circle)

Eclipse power, Mine to wield.

Plucking harvest from the field. (Hold item up to moonlight or reflect the moonlight onto it in with mirror as you conjure within yourself, the emotion of having the goal right now.)

Now set the item on the altar, or on the ground in the North and move around the circle, chanting over and over

Air to Earth and thought to form.

All my wishes now are born.

(Repeat the above over and over as you dance clockwise round the circle, faster and faster, repeating or singing it faster and louder. When the energy hits a high point, be sure you stop in the North, the place of FORM. Then, fling all the energy you’ve raised at your magickal goal as you relax and release. Sink to the ground and let it go.)

It is done.

Now spend some time in meditation, letting your magical goals soak up the energy of the eclipse and doing the same yourself. This is a good time to intone or chant all the things you’re grateful for, including the ones you just created, as you bring yourself down to earth again. Or just chant: thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. I’ll be throwing some fresh cut herbs onto the fire in offering and in gratitude. This is such a close date to Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox that my own rite will include an observance of that sacred time–the second harvest festival. Be sure to thank and release any powers you’ve called up, and close your circle when you’ve finished. Ground yourself by eating a grain based snack afterward. Now it’s time to accept that your goals are done. Start celebrating now, do not wait. It’s only real if you believe it is. Here’s some lovely music you can use to celebrate with if you like. Mabon, by Lisa Thiel.

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