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Accountability and Time Management for Creative Business People

A lot of writing friends and I have discovered some extremely helpful planning calendars that help us to keep accountable. We’ve been sharing our daily, weekly and monthly career goals, and sharing again in hindsight, what got done, what didn’t, how we can do better next time.

I’ve been setting more and more goals. In the first 3 months of 2016, I rewrote 3 entire novels, packaged them, promoted them, and launched them, totally revamped two websites, wrote 22 blog posts, started a new book, started a new serial, and about a thousand other important, vital, career building things.


As I always do, I pondered the deeper meaning behind the event. [bctt tweet=”Why had I manifested an injury? The answer was obvious. I’d been working too hard, my spirit needed a break, my soul needed some love.”] It’s pretty much the only reason I ever manifest an injury.

I realized then that I need to be accountable for more than just my work goals. I need to be accountable for the care and feeding of my spirit.

What good is building a successful career, or becoming rich and famous, if you never take time to enjoy it? Working all day to create wealth, spending that wealth on fun things like a new swimming pool or a luxurious vacation home, and then never taking the time to use those things? Is that really sane? Isn’t it, at the very least, missing the entire point?

We came into this physical existence in order to bask in it, to experience all of it, to enjoy and relish every pleasure our senses can detect. Not to spend all day every day glued to an electronic screen. [bctt tweet=”Yes, we are creators and we came here to create. But the biggest thing we came to create is our lives. http://www.bliss