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Adjusting the Dial & Money Energy

Okay, so say you are someone like this friend of mine. (Totally not me.) This friend has been practicing the Law of Attraction for a long time, and she’s done pretty well. She’s been adjusting her thoughts about financial matters up from “I’m terrible with money,” and “I spend it like there’s no tomorrow,” and “there’s never enough” and “the IRS sucks” and “the economy is in freefall.” For a couple of years now she’s been working on this, but over the past year, she really took off with it. She’s been steadily, constantly adjusting her dial to, “I’m getting better and better with financial stuff.” “I pay all my bills on time, or early.” “My credit score is going up up up as my debt melts away.” “I pay my taxes, and count myself lucky to make enough that I have to.” “Some people will thrive during this economy. Why not me?”

Sure enough, her debt has been steadily diminishing, and her credit score rising. She’s been making less money, due to a pretty serious paycut (the economy, the economy, yada yada) which is really the contrast that forced her to get serious about improving her money-energy-vibe to begin with. (Sidebar: Every bad thing that ever happens to you, happens for this very same reason. To show you how much better things could be, and set you on the path to getting there. But that’s another blog post.) Somehow, my friend’s lower income of this past year has been going further, lasting longer, and she’s been feeling wealthier. So the other day she was noticing that things seemed to have stalled. They’re in a good place. They’re moving in the right direction. But she got to wondering why she wasn’t seeing the rate of improvement that she has over this past year. Here’s why: She’s still vibing on the same level that got her TO this poi