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Adjusting the Dial & Money Energy

Okay, so say you are someone like this friend of mine. (Totally not me.) This friend has been practicing the Law of Attraction for a long time, and she’s done pretty well. She’s been adjusting her thoughts about financial matters up from “I’m terrible with money,” and “I spend it like there’s no tomorrow,” and “there’s never enough” and “the IRS sucks” and “the economy is in freefall.” For a couple of years now she’s been working on this, but over the past year, she really took off with it. She’s been steadily, constantly adjusting her dial to, “I’m getting better and better with financial stuff.” “I pay all my bills on time, or early.” “My credit score is going up up up as my debt melts away.” “I pay my taxes, and count myself lucky to make enough that I have to.” “Some people will thrive during this economy. Why not me?”

Sure enough, her debt has been steadily diminishing, and her credit score rising. She’s been making less money, due to a pretty serious paycut (the economy, the economy, yada yada) which is really the contrast that forced her to get serious about improving her money-energy-vibe to begin with. (Sidebar: Every bad thing that ever happens to you, happens for this very same reason. To show you how much better things could be, and set you on the path to getting there. But that’s another blog post.) Somehow, my friend’s lower income of this past year has been going further, lasting longer, and she’s been feeling wealthier. So the other day she was noticing that things seemed to have stalled. They’re in a good place. They’re moving in the right direction. But she got to wondering why she wasn’t seeing the rate of improvement that she has over this past year. Here’s why: She’s still vibing on the same level that got her TO this point. If she wants to move BEYOND this point, she’s got to adjust her dial again.

There’s no sitting still with Law of Attraction. You keep improving, and from that new and improved vantage point you can see lots more room to improve, and when you get to that point, you see even more. However, you cannot move to the next level if you’re still thinking the thoughts and believing the beliefs that got you to your current place. And even if it’s a very nice current place, and way more fun than the one before it, you don’t want to stop moving forward. Like sharks, we keep moving or we die. You cannot use the same thoughts & beliefs, no matter how good they are, forever. You must constantly evolve and build on them.

When we want improvement and adjust our minds to receive it, we are wielding the magic of creation. This is the very essence of being alive. Growing, learning, changing, evolving, finding more and more reasons for all out giddy delight. More ways to bask in this blissful journey of physical life.

Okay, so, every now and then, we have to take a pause, see where things are moving and where they are stalled, and do a re-assessment. What even better beliefs can my friend begin to cultivate now, to move her on up to higher heights?

She must move her thoughts up to the next level. She can go from “My credit score is rising” (cause it is, she did that part) to “My credit score is in the top tier.” She can go from “my debt is melting away” to “I carry only good debt. Everything else is paid in full.” (Good debt would be mortgage and auto type loans. Not credit card or revolving credit.) She can go from “I’m getting better and better at finances all the time” to “I’m a financial genius, and moreover, I’m having fun with all of it!” And she can throw in “And I have become a money magnet. New avenues of wealth are opening all around me, and the old ones are flowing at a higher rate than ever before.” And she can go from “Some people will thrive during this economy” to “I am one of those people who just keeps doing better and better, no matter what. I must be in a business that is economy-proof.” Or she can skip the specific money talk and go straight to the point of having it–which isn’t the money itself, after all. At least not for her. She can go all the way to, “I am so completely in tune that whatever it is I desire, the Universe provides. Every. Single. Time.” Now changing your beliefs around a topic isn’t easy when you first start out, folks, but it gets easier and easier. Like anything, once you’ve shown yourself that you can do it, there’s nothing to it. So my friend decides on those new thoughts, those new beliefs, and begins repeating them, aloud and mentally. She writes them down. She cuts out pictures that represent the new reality to her and pastes them on her vision boards (peeling the old, outdated ones off.)

Also, she must begin feeling as if these new beliefs are true. And acting as if they are true. Doing the things that the financial genius she is becoming would be doing. Doing the things she would be doing if her beliefs were true, because they are. Does this mean she starts spending money like there’s no tomorrow? No, that would be the old way (see paragraph 1.) The financial wiz-kid plans, takes control of her resources rather than letting them take control of her.

You never hear a rich person whining that they can’t afford to buy something they want. Rather, you would hear them making a plan to make this purchase work for them. So, my friend is no longer allowed to walk around looking at what she wants, and feeling badly that she “can’t afford it.” Those words must never cross her lips again. They are banished. Instead, she must look at the things she wants, and smilingly think, I could buy that if I wanted to, and I could by that if I wanted to, and I could also buy that, and those and this!

And then just go about giving it further thought before doing so. She can choose not to buy something because she would rather have the alternative (bills paid on time, no debt added to the stellar credit score, a different purchase she wants more, all of the above) or she can choose to go ahead and buy it, without a hint of guilt or remorse (which would sabotage the entire project.) She needs to go forth into each day with the confidence that she can have whatever she wants, and the sure, steadfast knowledge that she also has the wisdom and self-control to know when to buy, and when to just enjoy the window shopping. She needs to not be a cheapskate. Money energy is like a river. If you dam up one end, you stop the flow. Its only purpose is to make life more fun, easier. Not to see how deep you can make your lake. It has to flow out to flow in. So give. Give gifts that are thoughtful and generous. (As opposed to flashy and stupid.) Give to causes you believe in. Give to the poor in your community. Give to your children, your friends. Just give. And do so thoughtfully, in keeping with your overall plan, and without any hint of remorse. Give for the feeling you receive. Not for the gratitude or credit you’ll receive. In fact, I find it’s more spiritually beneficial when you give anonymously. And also, resist the urge to give because you think you can fix something. The only thing that’s going to fix anything, is for the people involved to change their deepest beliefs about who they are and what they’re capable of. You cannot do that for them. You can, however, put smiles on the faces of their children, and even provide a moment of relief that becomes a window for them–a window of time and hope and joy that might help them rise up a bit. And who knows? Maybe they’ll keep it going from there. Sometimes all one needs is a taste of how delicious life can be, to set one off on an unstoppable quest for more of that. But remember it is all vibration. You create according to what you believe at the deepest level of your being. The only way to rise out of poverty is to raise your vibration first. (I know because I’ve done it. I grew up in a series of shacks that almost never had telephones, rarely had electricity and often even lacked indoor plumbing until I left home at fifteen.)

But back to my friend. The most important thing my friend can do to solidify her new mind set and lock her radio dial onto the signal she’s seeking is to begin looking for evidence to support these new beliefs. Because by the act of looking for evidence, she is creating it and drawing it to her like a magnet. And she will see it. And when she starts seeing the evidence, her beliefs will become even more solid in her mind, and nothing will be able to shake them. And once the beliefs are that solid, the reality must take shape. There’s no other option.

And then she’ll have to adjust those beliefs again. Now we use money energy here as an example, mainly because it is on most folks’ minds these days, due to the incessant media coverage of….yeah, let’s not go there. But this same mindset can work on anything. Health. Love. Home. Career. Kids. Pets. Relationships. Anything. Fitness is still always a struggle for me, and so clearly, that’s an area I want to focus on. I’m going to begin to dissect that topic next time. Until then, remember: change your beliefs, and you change your life.

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