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Ahhh, the first snow!

It wasn’t really the first snow, though. There was one when I was out of town, but I missed it, so to me, this is the first one, and for Niblet, it was the first one ever!

She was unsure at first, stepping outside, and then freezing in place, staring around, unwilling to get off the porch, disliking the cold wetness on her paws, and looking at me as if to say, “Did you put this stuff out here?”

But then Daisy actually herded her, off of the deck, and began showing her how fun this white stuff could be. Daisy danced and jumped and wiggled and tossed snow at the puppy with her nose, until Niblet joined in. By the time the play ended, Niblet was loving it. She was the last one inside!

Here’s how it looked last night when it first began. Absolutely magickal.

And it’s still out there, silently blanketing everything, and making me feel all cozy and snug and introspective and mystical.

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