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Aliens are Inevitable

"Manifestations come on the heels of what you’ve conjured in thought."

I admit it, I want to believe. Does that make my opinion on this biased? Actually, I think my willingness to believe makes eventual first contact with intelligent life not from our planet even more likely. More than 65% of adult Americans believe that life exists on other planets, and that belief is getting stronger. If you separate out adults under 30, the believers rise to 75%.

"Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him."
--Mark 11:23

We experience physical life like a banquet, constantly sorting in our minds the things we like from the things we don't. It's the state of being human, this sorting. Good, bad. Agree, disagree. Love, hate. That's because it serves our reason for being here; expansion. And because we are addicted to feeling good, the experiences we label "bad" immediately spark in us the desire to fix them. We are compelled to find a way to exchange the problem for its solution, adding yet another item to the "good" pile.

Remember what we are. We are beams of Source energy, that same Source energy that said let there be light and caused the Big Bang. We create, not with our hands, but with our desire combined with our beliefs.

"Thoughts become things."
--Mike Dooley

The way we believe in gravity

We never walk outside, gripping the door frame, and then the railing, and then the nearest tree to keep ourselves from floating away. We know we won't float away because of gravity. We believe in gravity. We experience gravity all around us, all the time. So we don't spend our lives holding on for dear life.

The law of attraction is as real, as consistent, and as foolproof as the law of gravity. We experience it around us all the time, but mostly, we don't notice because it's more subtle than the big physical bang of gravity.

But if we pay attention we will notice that we always experience what we believe in and expect. And more, the things we imagine and visualize and tell stories about get added boosts of manifesting power. Science is still bringing into reality things imagined in Stark Trek. Articles like "12 Star Trek Gadgets That Now Exist" on Mental Floss talk about them in detail.

Stories lend power to the creation of reality by helping us visualize more clearly the things we desire. And when humans believe in a thing and imagine a thing from a state of joyful anticipation, that thing must become.
--Maggie Shayne

The Alien Experience

My entire life has been peppered with alien experiences and stories, from Star Trek to E.T. and everything in between, and all the stuff since. Pop culture has been full of UFO sightings all my life. I saw one over the swamp behind my house when I was kid, ran to get my parents, but it was gone when I came dragging them back to my room to look out the window. But I remember it clearly. I didn't make it up and it wasn't swamp gas. I was 10 or 11.

I imagine this is true for most of us. We all watched The X-files and I bet a lot of us have seen something we couldn't explain in the skies, at least once in our lives.

So then, the question isn't "does alien life exist? The question is, "Are the majority of us aligned with the belief and expectation that we're not alone in the universe?" Because if and when we are aligned with that belief and expectation, then it will become our new reality. It can't be otherwise.

Belief and expectation always precede manifestation. First we have to believe it's possible, then to believe it's likely, then to believe it's inevitable, and then it becomes.

"Your thoughts create your reality. Your mind is more powerful than you know."
--Neal Donald Walsh

Could aliens be real? Of course they could. Everything we can imagine could be real. Every version of reality exists as potential. We choose which one we live according to where we put our attention. The reflection of this is borne out by quantum physics, where a single particle, a photon, exists simultaneously in myriad locations until an observer looks at it, and then immediately only exists where the observer is looking.

My theory? That's not really what happens. I would suggest that the photon still exists in every possible location simultaneously. It's that the observer can only see the one he has looked at and perceived as "real." The rest become impossible for him to perceive because the human brain can only perceive one reality at a time. I would like to see an experiment where multiple observers all look for the particle in the same instant, but in different locations. I suspect they will all see the particle where each of them are looking and be unable to see it where the other observers are looking.

This is what we do. We look at something where we expect to see it, and not only do we find it there, but we now can't see it anywhere else. We put false limitations on our lives, on our ambitions, on our potential, just because we look at things where they've always been.

Back to the aliens

When enough of us believe in and expect aliens to be real, they'll be real. We will in effect, tune in to the potential future where this is our experience. I wouldn't be surprised if they even look a bit the way we've imagined them. What's the universal expectation? Short, green, big dark eyes, no noses, tiny mouths, and they communicate telepathically, right? Hopefully they haven't come to create an earth-shattering kaboom, like our childhood pal Marvin.


This week's Congressional Intelligence Committee Hearing on "UAPs"

UAPs is what they're calling UFOs nowadays. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. I watched the public portion of these very serious congressional hearings carefully. Twice. And what I got is this, in a nutshell: There are machines flying around in our skies, doing things that defy our known physics, and we have no idea what they are. But we are encouraging reports, changing the culture so those who report sightings are treated "as witnesses, not kooks," and we'll discuss the rest in closed session.

Interestingly, similar issues are being discussed in the halls of government in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, and Brazil, among others.

Governments don't have a choice but to admit to the events, because everybody has a camera all the time today. You can't say things aren't happening if they're being recorded. (Cameras are fueling a lot of cultural change, mostly for the better.)

I expect the scales of belief are tilting faster now. As people see their leaders entertaining the possibility, belief will grow, and as belief grows, change comes. Actually, after a careful watching of the all-too-short hearing, I got the distinct feeling they already know more than they're saying and are just tiptoeing around how to break it to us. They're trying to decide if we're ready.

But it's fine. Nothing can happen "before we're ready for it." That's not how it works. Aligning enough with a new reality to experience it is, by definition, being ready for it.

As a fiction writer, wild ideas like these set my imagination on fire. What do you think about it all?

Peace. Live long and prosper, and may the force be with you.

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