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An LOA Perk

In fact, the very word “appreciate” means (among other things) to increase in value. When we really bask in something that gives us pleasure, we increase its value. And we end up enjoying more things like it. Or sometimes, more of that very thing. Today, I was on a break from writing, but still in my office, talking to my daughter Stacie on the phone during her lunch break, which is our habit. As we spoke, I was sipping a cup of decaf, and started telling her how much I was enjoying the Keurig coffee maker she’d got me for Christmas. It’s so cool having it right in my second floor office, and being able to brew just one cup without moving more than three steps away from the work in progress. I love how fast it works and how it’s always ready to go at the touch of a button. I love all the wonderful varieties of coffee and tea and even hot cocoa I’ve been trying in it. She was glad I was enjoying her gift, and I was glad I had thought to tell her how much. It was completely sincere. I really was aware of how much I love that little device today. (This is a good state to be in, no matter what little thing it is you’re appreciating.) I went back to work and so did she, and that was that. When I finished my pages for the day, I went to check my email. And there was a message telling me I had earned a “Klout Perk.” (Klout is a service that measures your social media influence. When you hit certain numbers, advertisers start offering you free stuff in hopes you’ll love it and mention it online, influencing others to buy it.) I’ve had a few Klout Perks before. Let’s see, I got a free jar of Hershey’s Chocolate Spread (delicious!) a coupon for a new sandwich at McDonald’s, which I think Lance used, and a free look at an episode of a TV series from Hulu, which I haven’t watched. But this time, things were a whole lot bigger. This Klout Perk is a brand new Keurig 2.0, a machine that isn’t yet available to buy! I eagerly accepted my perk and my free new coffee maker will be arriving in one to two weeks. I’m overjoyed, not just because I know I’ll love it, but because I also love it when I can see LOA working so obviously. It’s FUN to know I can increase the things I love best in my life just by the very act of loving and basking in them. See that? What you appreciate increases. So quick, go appreciate something you really love, and want more of!

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