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Another New Beginning!


I know, everyone’s saying that. And the grumpy ones are replying, “What’s so happy about it?” And the blissful LOA-Bunnies are saying, “It can be a happy new year, or it can be a miserable one. Your choice, grumpy-butt.” Which makes the grumpy ones even grumpier.

The question of New Year’s Resolutions always comes up this time of year, so we might as well tackle it right now. Are resolutions good or bad? Do they work? If they do, then why are we all resolving to do the same darn things, year after year? Lose weight, quit smoking, etc.

Here’s why. Because resolving to do something isn’t the same thing as doing something. And because saying, “This year I will….” or worse “This year I will try to….” is the same thing as saying, “Because I don’t currently.”

To work, a resolution has to be–well, not a resolution. But more of a shift in your perception. A new way of being.