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April Fool’s Day, Tarot, and Quantum Physics

What we know...

A photon is the smallest particle of light we know about. In experiments, a single photon exists in many places, as well as in more than one state (a particle and a wave) at the same time, until and unless an “observer” looks at it. As soon as the observer looks, the photon exists only in the place the observer is looking.

Scientists are quick to add that this only applies on the quantum scale. But scientist are wrong about that. We mystics know the meaning of As above, so below. As below, so above. What applies on one level, applies on all levels. They just haven’t figured out how yet.

A single photon can be both a particle and a wave and can exist in multiple locations at the same time. It will choose one form and one location only when the observer observes it.

The Fool

Just like for the photon, every single possibility is real and available to him. All he has to do is decide where to put his focus. And by looking at what he wants, he creates it.

By the same token, looking at what he doesn’t want, creates that instead.

The Fool is so certain of what is possible, that he is unafraid to step into the unknown. It’s what we call taking a leap of faith.

April Fool's Day

On April Fool’s Day, we celebrate The Fool. It comes at the perfect time, just after the Vernal Equinox, which is the holiday of pure potential. Rebirth and spring and the fool are all the same energy. Potential. Anything is possible. Create something brand new.

No one knows where the playing tricks on people (making fools of them) began to be associated with April 1st. But my theory is that it wasn’t originally about tricks or fools. It was about our own limitless potential which is represented by The Fool card in the Tarot and by the Vernal Equinox on the Wheel of the Year.

My April Fools Day

So this is what I celebrate on April 1st. Potential.

I celebrate knowing that anything I want to do is possible. I can start a whole new career tomorrow, if I want. I could decide to study particle physics, or open a retail store, or go back to school, or anything.


We don’t have to keep doing what we’ve always done just because we’ve always done it. We can change our minds every year, if we want. Or every day.

All we have to do is turn our attention toward what we want, believe to our core, and take a leap of faith.

In that spirit...

The Bliss Blog side of my life is about to experience a large expansion as I try something brand spanking new that I never considered before. I’ll tell you more about that, as soon as things start to take on physical form.

And for my fiction readers, don’t worry. I’m not going to stop writing novels. I am ready to spend far less time marketing them, and far more time living my life. So that’s where I’m looking. That’s where I’m focusing. And that’s what will manifest for me.

Happy Spring!

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