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Are Energy Healers For Real?

What defines real? I mean, if you feel better, it’s real, isn’t it? What’s more real than that?

We humans are so cute....

The experience we have is like this. Someone hands us a pill and says it will cure our ailment. We take the pill. We get better. We never ask, “Wow, can that medicine really be for real?”

In both cases, the same exact thing has happened. The body has healed itself, because the mind got out of the way and allowed it to.

Wait, what now?

The pill did nothing in either case. Well, it did something. It gave us something to hang our beliefs on. We like tools, we humans. We like gears and cogs and pills and dosage charts and scientific studies to convince us.

It would never occur to us to finish a round of antibiotics, get well, and then ask how such magic is possible. We don’t have any doubt that antibiotics work, and so they usually do.

If we had the same confidence in any other treatment, be it faith healing, energy healing, reiki, or chanting in circles with a rattle, it would work just as reliably.

Why Energy Healing Works