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Are Energy Healers For Real?

What defines real? I mean, if you feel better, it’s real, isn’t it? What’s more real than that?

We humans are so cute....

The experience we have is like this. Someone hands us a pill and says it will cure our ailment. We take the pill. We get better. We never ask, “Wow, can that medicine really be for real?”

In both cases, the same exact thing has happened. The body has healed itself, because the mind got out of the way and allowed it to.

Wait, what now?

The pill did nothing in either case. Well, it did something. It gave us something to hang our beliefs on. We like tools, we humans. We like gears and cogs and pills and dosage charts and scientific studies to convince us.

It would never occur to us to finish a round of antibiotics, get well, and then ask how such magic is possible. We don’t have any doubt that antibiotics work, and so they usually do.

If we had the same confidence in any other treatment, be it faith healing, energy healing, reiki, or chanting in circles with a rattle, it would work just as reliably.

Why Energy Healing Works

*Energy Healers are usually highly aligned people. When a person is aligned with their higher self, they glow with it. They emanate a peaceful, controlled power that inspires confidence. When you’re in the presence of such a person, and willing, your vibration just automatically rises. You can’t be around someone at such a high vibration without your own lifting. Otherwise you’d have to leave. You’d just be too uncomfortable to remain in their presence.

So the healer is beaming. And you go to them and you begin to bask in their rays, and pretty soon your own energy shifts and rises, and it feels good. And then they do their work. You are in the right place at the right time for healing to happen. You believe in the power this person emanates. Your resistance is low, your vibration is high. Your higher self is in tune with their higher self. There is no better time for your body to heal. And so it does.

But it’s your body doing the healing. Not the healer.

*SIDEBAR: How can you know if your healer is aligned? It’s easier than you think. Of course you can feel them and trust your intuition, that’s first. But you can also take note of what’s manifesting in their life. An aligned person is most generally creating a happy, stable, fulfilling life for themselves. They aren’t in poverty, they aren’t suffering, they aren’t at war with anyone. You can’t help anyone else get aligned if you’re not aligned yourself, and aligned people have a handle on what they’re manifesting.

Why didn't my body heal on its own?

Your body’s natural state is well-being. But sometimes we block it, like we’re building a dam in the river of good health. The dam is made of stress and tension. We add a log every time we get angry, every time we feel resentment. We toss on a layer of debris every time we feel let down or betrayed or taken advantage of. We throw new twigs on top every time we watch politics on TV and believe it means anything. There are thousands, millions of things we focus on that add to the dam that’s holding back our well-being.

The energy healer’s job is to help us put a crack in our dam.

The Mind's Astonishing Power

The documentary E-Motion discusses a medical study where some patients were given real radiation treatments and others were given make-believe radiation treatments. A significant portion of the patients who got the fake treatments lost their hair.

They lost their hair.

The believed they were getting radiation treatments and everybody knows those make you lose your hair. They believed they would lose their hair, and so they did.

You can change your body

The body will alter itself into the shape and condition of whatever the mind accepts as its true form.

Just think about that for a minute. What if that’s for real? What if our bodies will actually alter themselves into the shape and condition our minds accept as their as true forms?

What if those who are fat, are only fat because their minds believe that to be their true form?

What if those sick are only sick because theirs mind believe that to be their true form?

What if your eyesight is getting worse because your mind believes that to be the truth?

If any of these things are true, then we should be able to change any physical condition simply by convincing our minds that it’s our true form.

How do we convince our minds?

We need to use reason. We need to show our minds evidence. We can’t just say we believe something, we have to actually believe it, and the quickest way to do that is to find evidence to support our preferred state. We need to build a case to prove to our mind that the thing we want is actually the truth.

So to start, we figure out what it is we want to be our true state and how having it will feel to us. I want to have more energy, for example. I want to have more energy so I can be more active and feel great and stay in shape and live longer and just because I  want it. I want more energy.

The second thing is to accept that the minute I noticed my lack of energy, the wish for more energy was made–and that wish created a reality in which it is true. It exists now, from the moment I thought it, a version of me with more energy.

The third thing is prove to myself that the version of me with more energy is real. To do that, I need to find it within me. She’s already there. She came from inside me. The energized version was created right here, so she lives here. So now I start looking for her. Every day, in every way, I keep my eyes peeled for signs of the new, more energized me.

One sign, that’s all I need to get this going. So I watch for signs my energy is improving.

And maybe I do something I think will help it along. Start juicing or taking a multi-vitamin or something. That’s good because it gives my skeptical brain something to hang the change on, a reason to believe it can happen.

It isn’t the vitamin or the juice doing it, but that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. I just need to get there. I just need to do whatever it is my skeptic-head believes would bring me the result I want, because BELIEF is the key.

And then one day I notice I’m feeling perkier than usual. I don’t get worn out until much later in the day than usual. I have a little more spring in my step.

And there it is. Evidence that I have more energy.

And the minute I notice and acknowledge that evidence, and celebrate that evidence, my belief becomes solid and the new me becomes the true me. I have now become the more energetic version of me. I created her.

That’s how everything works. Every single thing you want, this is how you get it.

  1. Identify what you want and think a little about how cool it’ll be when you have it.

  2. Believe that just by thinking about it you made it real, and now all have to do is step into the version of you who has it by building a case for its existence.

  3. Start looking for evidence that the above is true, start looking for signs of the goal hiding in plain sight in your life right now. And as soon as you start finding those signs, the wish or goal becomes your new and improved reality.

What if I can't find any signs?

It’s not possible to go looking for something and not find it. The act of looking for it is what creates it, you see. This is why science will never find the smallest particle or the farthest edge of the universe. It can’t happen. As soon as they look for something smaller, something smaller exists. As soon as they look for an even more distant place in the universe, it comes into being.

That’s how powerful we are. We are doing all of it.

If that's true, why do any of us ever die?

The answer to the above question is that it’s the wrong question. It implies that death is a failure, something to be avoided. The truth is there’s no such thing as death. We are eternal beings, and crossing the veil isn’t an end, it’s just our natural progression. There comes a point in every lifetime where the best way to the desired goal is moving on.

Often times, the thing we want and the reasons we think we want it are not in harmony. Maybe I want to marry Brad Pitt. (I don’t.) Maybe my reasons are the happiness and joy I think such a union would bring me. But maybe my higher self knows that this marriage would bring me only misery, and so it sends me a different mate, one with whom I will have happiness and joy. My goal was happiness and joy. I thought the means to that goal was Brad Pitt. But my higher self knew better, and guided me toward the true way to achieve my goal. I still got my goal, just not by the means I thought.

This is why focusing on why you want the goal, how you think you’ll feel once you have it, is such a crucial part of the process. Your higher self will always know the best way to get you to those very same feelings, and it’s not always going to be by the means you think.

Sometimes the best way to get to where you want to be is to cross to the other side. No one ever dies before their time. But that’s another post.

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