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As above, so below, duh

As this year winds down, I’ve begun trying to truly follow my intuition and heart, and do what I’m most compelled to do each day, regardless of whether it seems productive or not. Mostly, these days, it does not feel like anything I would call “work.” Part of me is afraid of going broke, but that part only crops up once in a while. Mostly, I’m confident that I’m being led to a huge breakthrough in some area of my life.

I’ve used this method to greater and lesser degrees over the years, but I’ve never gone as whole hog as I am now. I feel like I’m ready to really test this out. To really trust the Universe and follow where it leads. But I must devote myself to daily alignment for it to work. So I’m off and running. Or sitting on the sofa writing this, because it’s what my Inner Being wanted to do this morning. Coffee. Morning news showing me the first vaccine trucks rolling out to the cheers of the workers who helped load them. That’s nice. Good start.

Blissful Timing

During shutdown, it’s the perfect opportunity to follow my bliss exclusively. Yesterday I spent half the day shredding 10-year-old bills and things. We’re slowly cleaning out the attic while all the holiday stuff is downstairs, because I really felt strongly compelled to get into that, but it’s just a little bit each day as we feel like it. There are boxes of old bank statements and bills to be disposed of, among other things.

This activity inspired in me, a rampage of appreciation. I APPRECIATE SHREDDERS AND ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. I am astonished at the masses of paper. I am newly aware that, as so many of us have switched to e-billing and e-filing for our personal and business documents, we must already be saving millions of trees every year! That’s wonderful, isn’t it? Okay, rampage done.

So what am I doing?

Energetically, I am convinced that removing clutter from our lives is as much a spiritual cleansing as a physical one. My favorite quote: “As above, so below. As within, so without. Duh.” (I might have used poetic license there.)

Whatever happens on one plane happens on all planes. So clearing clutter from my attic clears clutter from my mind, from my memory, from my body, from my space, from my air, from the earth herself. It’s universal. That old “cleanliness is next to godliness” quote springs from a seed of deep truth. You cannot write on a filled chalkboard. Erase first.

Beware the vacuum!

Clearing clutter creates a vacuum in our space, so we are doing our cleaning out while we are in a positive, high vibrational state, because we know that matching energy will be drawn in to fill the space we empty. Nature hates a vacuum. But only WE determine what sort of stuff we tune in.

Once our attic space is cleared, we’ll sweep out the cobwebs and sage the space and put brighter lights up there. And then as we return the stuff we didn’t get rid of, it will all be sorted, cleaned, and labeled. And I’m determined not to keep stuff that will only be boxed up and put away and never pulled out until the next round of hoeing out.

BUT IT’S SO HARD! I have just come upon a big box full of VHS tapes of me anytime I was on TV in the past, a box full of audiocassettes of workshops I’ve delivered and of some of radio interviews, and many many music tapes from my favorite groups. Another box has music CDs. Like 50 of them. And I have stacks of blank CD RWs and brand new blank audiocassettes and a few blank VHS tapes. What the heck do I do with those?

Does it spark joy?

Hell, yes. Will I ever play them again? Maybe if the apocalypse happens and the Internet goes down and we somehow still have electricity and a CD player. Short of that? Probably not. All my music is on my digital playlist now.

I think a lot of these items will be cleaned up and offered for free on the roadside if we continue to have nice enough weather. I can also offer them up on various online platforms. Maybe somebody can use them. I don’t know. It’s HARD to throw away a perfectly good, practically brand new ____, isn’t it?

End results...?

This is a very good jumping off point for whatever comes next!

Bring on 2021

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