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Ask and it is Given: A Closer Look

I was meditating today, and this is what I received.

“So you know this Ask and it is Given thing? You do realize it’s not just Spirit that you should be asking, right? It applies to other humans too. It applies to everything. As above, so below. Remember?”

I got to thinking on that. Lately, I’ve been asking for some pretty amazing things. Not just the Universe, but other people. My publisher’s marketing department. My editor. Various advertising sites. People I deal with at work. Other authors.

And they’ve all been saying yes.

I made a dream list of authors I wanted to join me in an upcoming contest, authors way too big to shoot for. Karen Robards. Lisa Gardner. Bella Andre. Susan Mallery. Jill Shalvis. I wasn’t even going to try for some of them. But I thought, you know what, if you don’t ask, they can’t say yes. And I went for it.

Every single author said yes. All of the above, plus Mariah Stewart, Heather Graham, Emma Cane, Teresa Medeiros, Christine Wenger, Kate Carlisle, Maureen Child, Barbara Samuel. I’m stunned. I should’ve asked Stephen King. I can’t seem to go wrong!

I asked my publisher to make my old vampire series, the ones in the ebook bundle they call Wings in the Night, Part 1, which includes the first six–yes, that’s SIX–stories of that series, free to all attendees at Christine Feehan’s FAN event this weekend. They said, yes, but they could only do that via There’s no Kindle version at, though. So I asked if they could do it at Amazon too. They said it was too complicated to make a few hundred coupons for the Kindle book at Amazon.

I took a deep breath and asked, “Then how about making it free to everybody? Just for a little while. I know you can do that at Kindle. And Nook and Kobo while we’re at it. And, too.

I felt I might be asking too much. I felt I should’ve been grateful for what they’d already offered. I feared they’d think I was ungrateful. Give her and inch, and she asks for a mile, I heard them muttering inside my head.

But no. They didn’t say that. Instead, they said “Yes. But only for a week.”

I was stunned. I was feeling like I could not fail. I was grateful and amazed, and empowered. So I went back and asked if we could do it for more than a week. And maybe they will say yes again, but there’s a message here. There’s a lesson here. I was feeling it clearly.

Lance and I have been engaged for more than a year. We kind of froze up when it came to actually planning the wedding, because no matter how we approached it, it was going to be an event, and we just didn’t want an event.

Last week, I said, “Hey, why don’t we just go to City Hall on Valentine’s Day?” And he said, “Sounds great.”

So we called City Hall and asked if we could do that and they said, “Sure, if you can be here by 3.”

So Lance asked the boss where he’s doing his internship if he could leave early to get married, and the boss said, Yes, of course he could.

Yesses. Everywhere we look, we’re getting yesses.

So today, during my meditation, I had all these recent “yesses” on my mind, and I heard the explanation.

Ask and it is Given doesn’t just mean let the Universe know what you want through prayer and visualization and vision boards, and it will come to you. It means, open up your mouth, and ask the people in your life for what you want. No matter how big, no matter how wild it might seem. You can’t get it if you don’t ask.

So ask for the moon. Aim high. And expect to receive a positive answer. You won’t always get a yes, but you’ll get a lot more of them than if you didn’t ask at all.

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