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Ask and it is Given: A Closer Look

I was meditating today, and this is what I received.

“So you know this Ask and it is Given thing? You do realize it’s not just Spirit that you should be asking, right? It applies to other humans too. It applies to everything. As above, so below. Remember?”

I got to thinking on that. Lately, I’ve been asking for some pretty amazing things. Not just the Universe, but other people. My publisher’s marketing department. My editor. Various advertising sites. People I deal with at work. Other authors.

And they’ve all been saying yes.

I made a dream list of authors I wanted to join me in an upcoming contest, authors way too big to shoot for. Karen Robards. Lisa Gardner. Bella Andre. Susan Mallery. Jill Shalvis. I wasn’t even going to try for some of them. But I thought, you know what, if you don’t ask, they can’t say yes. And I went for it.