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Autumn Equinox, MABON

Tomorrow (9/23 at 4:21 to be exact) is Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox, and the first day of Fall. This is a time of perfect balance between sun and moon, equal length of day and night, and unconditional gratitude.

There is balance between everything and its opposite, light and dark, day and night, perceptions such as good and bad, male and female, sun and moon. The lesson of this day is in recognizing that everything contains and includes its opposite, and that aside from the two times of the year when we have an equinox, each piece of the equation has its proper time and essential place within creation. All are needed. Nothing is useless.The symbol of this lesson is expressed beautifully in the yin-yang.

This is also a harvest festival, and when we celebrate the harvest, we’re acknowledging this same energy. For when we cut the grains, fruits, vegetables from the fields, this is apparent death. But they feed life when the living ingest them. This is a sacred circle. There is no death. There is only life and more life, and still more life. An unending spiral, a vortex or helix shape, which is the shape of life itself, and of DNA, not coincidentally.

Meditation on these shapes and symbols, (notice how the helix/vortex shape is also represented by a 3d look at the yin-yang) in addition to feeling and expressing your deep and heartfelt gratitude for the harvest of your life during the most recent seasons of planting and growing, are how we celebrate this turn of the Wheel of the Year. Creating a ritual to help you focus and express all of the above, and then performing that ritual, are some of the ways you can celebrate Mabon, the 2nd of our 3 annual harvest festivals. Enjoy a song of Mabon by Lisa Thiel here.

And if you love it, you can purchase the album “Circle of the Seasons” here. (Not an affiliate link.) I think the individual songs are also available for download. My Solitary Mabon Ritual 1. Spend the preceding days making lists of all that I have harvested in my life during the past year. Write each item on a separate piece of paper. If I have any flash paper, I’ll use that. (I think I do.) It’s a really great touch for this ritual. 2. Decorate my sacred space with Autumn leaves, pumpkins, colored corn, and set a small fire in the center. 3. Cast circle and call upon the energies of the elements and of the divine in my usual fashion. 4. Play some ritual music and dance round the fire, drum or rattle to get into the proper frame of mind. 5. Read aloud a poem of thanks that I have pre-written. (I’m not going to share mine, first because it’s personal and specific to me, and secondly because writing your own is part of the power of this.) 6. Read each thing I’m giving thanks for aloud and toss each scrap of paper into the fire as I do. If using flash paper, the fire will flash with each addition. If I want, I can crumple each paper in my first as I read, and toss them in all at once. (But I’ll beware of my long hair and my flowing sleeves.) 7. Silent meditation and chanting as I wind down. 8. I’ll give thanks and bid farewell to the energies I have invited in. 9. Close my circle and ground my energy. Blessed Mabon!

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