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Autumnal Musings


Attuning with Nature's Cycles Creates Alignment

Attuning myself to the patterns of nature is, for me, the most beautiful path to alignment. And when I’m aligned, I match the vibration of all the things I’ve been wanting, and none of the things I have not. So the unwanted things fall away, and the wanted things come rolling into this experience I call reality.

Fall feels like crossing the finish line

There’s just something about autumn, isn’t there? Especially where I live, here in the Northeastern US. Cortland County, New York rivals the best Vermont has to offer as far as spectacular fall foliage. I am so lucky to live where I do. Apples polka dot their trees with vivid red color. The other trees shower in spray paint before the sun comes up each morning. The colors, right now, are just about to burst. I can see them in there, straining to get out. Any day now, it’s going to be eye-popping.