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Awards, Accolaides, and Balance

This makes 14 nominations for me, or maybe 15. I’ve been trying to go over my list and I can only find 14 for sure, and I think I might be missing one. I’ve won the award once–in this same category. I’ve been nominated 4 times now in the Best Novella category. I’ve also been nominated for Best First Book, Best Paranormal (4 times), Best Long Contemporary(twice), and Best Romantic Suspense (3 times).

As I waited for that phone call this morning (we always know what day the calls will go out) I was thinking how easy it should be to manifest a nomination this year. I already know it’s possible, because it’s happened more often than not, so there’s not a pile of doubt blocking it from me, for one thing. But beyond that, I was thinking, I’ve already manifested the biggest, most miraculous, dream-come true sorts of things I will ever wish for. Everything beyond those things ought to seem like small potatoes.

I get to do what I love for a living, and I get paid for it. I write books, and people actually read them. That’s a miracle I will never quite wrap my head around. If I’d realized what a big deal that was before I’d been published, I doubt it ever would have happened. Sometimes I forget what a rare and beautiful gift that is and begin to take it for granted. I try not to let that happen very often.

There’s the miracle of my five gorgeous daughters, and how close we have all remained, through divorce, through growing pains, through some pretty intense times of discord. And there are their kids, too, each of them a miracle unto themselves. And a gift to me.

So when I think of something I really really want–and I know that believing in my ability to have it is the key to getting it–I just think about the amazing magickal manifestations I’ve already created in my life, and I realize two things.

1. Nothing is impossible for me. I’ve manifested miracles to prove it.

2. Given the life I’m already living, nothing else really matters, anyway. It’s all gravy, a bonus, but not essential.

But even if don’t, it’s still pretty freakin’ good.

AND OMG! As I finished writing this post, the phone rang again! I’m also a finalist for Best Romantic Suspense, for KILL ME AGAIN! That’s the book with my Dozer in it! AIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!

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