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Bask and You Shall Receive!

'Here's what happened.'

–Adrian Monk

I had just finished meditating out by the pond, and I lingered afterward watching the koi fish, and thinking how much I love them.

My inner voice said, Yeah. We’ve been basking in them a lot this summer.

And I thought, that’s true, I have. I’ve been basking in these 6 beautiful fish all summer, just sitting out here appreciating them every chance I get, every nice day.

And now they’ve doubled, My inner voice reminded me.

That’s right, I realized. They have! They’ve doubled!

Effortless doubling

I mulled on that for a moment, realizing there was a powerful lesson in it. Hubby and I had talked about adding a few more fish. We agreed we’d like maybe 6 or 7 more and thought we’d probably add a few in the spring. No more was really said about it.

And that was it. We didn’t do anything about it. We just basked in the fish we had. We feed them every day, and watch them, and notice how big they are, and how beautiful. We laugh when they jump high and snatch a mosquito out of the air, or bump into each other while going for the same nugget, and startled, flip and splash and shoot off in opposite directions.

We bask in those fish.

And now they’ve doubled in numbers.

Wow, I thought. That’s a good insight. I’ll blog about that. And I turned to go inside.

Um, not so fast...

Something stopped me in my tracks. It was my inner voice saying, contrast that with how most of us think about things like money.

Because really, how do I or any of us think about money or success, or love, or any of those things we perceive as hard to achieve?

Most of us think about the lack of those things, the not-enoughness of them. The I-need-moreness of them. But even for those of us who think we know better, we’re still not quite there.

Follow me here. Try to keep up. This is coming clear fast and furious.

We already know that we need to conjure the way we’ll feel about those things, and then find ways to feel those feelings right now, raising our vibration to match the goals we seek. Simple.

We also know that if we can’t think about our goals without feeling the lack of them, if it’s just not possible, if the situation is that bad, then we we have to try not to think about them at all, and instead, focus on other areas of our lives where things are good. Just take money or success or love right out of the picture and focus on whatever it is that feels best in our lives right now, and raise our vibration that way.

We already know those two approaches.

But there's a bigger, better way!

If you want more of something, bask in it.

Bask in it. Gaze lovingly at it. Watch it, and play with it, and laugh with it, and just bask in it. Sing its praises.

I don’t think I’ve ever, even my wealthiest year, thought of finances without that underlying feeling of lack lurking way down deep in my subconscious. The year I made the most I’d ever earned, that feeling became, How do I keep this going? How do I keep it from going away? 

But what about this? What about basking in whatever parts of our goal we already have?

How I bask in my koi

To learn to bask, think about the way we behave when in the presence of what makes us happiest.

Never once did I sit out there by the pond, gazing at my fish, thinking… There aren’t enough in there. I need more and I need them fast. But I’m already doing everything I can think of to get more, and it’s not working. I thought they were breeding in the spring, but nothing. Not a single fry. What if I never get any more? I definitely need more by the end of the month or else!

Never once have I snuggled my grandchildren, thinking, There are only 12. Why aren’t there 13? I’ve gotta have 13. I can’t possibly get by without 13. What kinds of plans and operations can I put in place that will net me one more grand baby?

But that’s exactly the way I think about book sales. I sold 3ooo copies this week and didn’t hit a bestseller list. What the hell do I have to do to hit a list? Let me concoct a half dozen plans and schemes that will put the book on a big bestseller list. 

And it’s also the way I tend to think about finances. Even when I think I’m well and truly aligned about finances, I notice every place they’re tight. I notice everything I can’t afford yet and am still waiting for. And even if I’m not noticing those things, or not noticing them on purpose, the very act of trying to make more money appear is an acknowledgement that I don’t believe there’s enough.

The very effort to make more of anything, is always based on an awareness of its lack. It’s the opposite of basking in the parts of it we already have.

How we can stop doing that

And all that basking will make them grow.  Our 6 whatevers will turn into 12 whatevers without effort. They’ll just fall into our path.

It doesn’t matter if our 6 things are koi fish or bestseller lists or revenue streams or the love we dream about. It’s all the same. Bask in the parts we have, and wait to see what falls into our paths.

And that’s when we pick them up. That’s the time to act–when a clear opportunity falls at our feet, on a day when we are basking and not a day when we’re worrying. No action should ever be taken in reaction to lack, or from a place of worry, or in an effort to make more of anything because there’s not enough. That action will match the vibration of not enough.

So we wait, and we bask, not just in the goals we’ve already achieved, though we certainly want to milk every ounce of joy and pleasure from those–but also, we have to find ways to bask in those things we’re still building, celebrate every molecule of them that has already come to us. The things we feel inspired to do and opportunities that show up when we’re vibing high, confident, secure and happy, are things to take action on. That action will match those high flying energies, and action like that can’t fail.

The action itself is the easiest part. Just pick up what’s offered and run with it.

The koi fish, in my example (which is real) didn’t fall at our feet. The offer of them did. We still have to take the action–take a net and a bucket of water and catch them and bring them home. We’ll have to mix their native water into our bucket with our water so they can acclimate. And when we get them home, we’ll add more of our water, and let them acclimate some more, and make sure the water temperature in the bucket it close to that in the pond. And then release them when they’ve adjusted. After that they’ll probably hide for a while, before they become bask worthy themselves. They’ll be all but invisible, but we’ll just keep basking in the fish we already have until the newcomers feel safe enough to join the party.

There’s always action to be taken. We can’t just meditate all day and have wealth and success and lovers rain down from the clouds. We have to get up and do something. But the key here is that the action is the final step. The basking comes first.

The fastest way to get something is to match the vibration of having it. And the fastest way to match the vibration of having it is to focus on and bask in the parts of it we already have.

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  1. Bask in whatever we want more of.

  2. See what inspiration and opportunity fall at our feet.

  3. Pick them up and run with them.

  4. Repeat.

I know I knew this

Yes, I already knew basking in things makes them grow. I know I did. I guess I just needed to think about how little basking I do in the goals that feel hardest. It’s like I learn this stuff over and over and over again and every time, peel back another layer of understanding as I find a new angle, a new perspective, a new application. (Meditation does that.)

So that’s today’s breakthrough. I need a better word for “breakthrough,” though. But now that I’ve realized that, I’ll bask in all the perfect words I already have, (my favorite word is skullduggery) and it will come.

Be Blissful!


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