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Being Thankful is Good For You

Happy Thanksgiving!


As I go through this blessed journey that is my lifetime, I can see the difference it makes. All around me, people I know and love are focused on the tragedies in their lives, the losses, the troubled relatives, the broken families, the pain. And it seems to be the main topic of conversation for them.

They think they are thankful and grateful for their many blessings, but frankly, you can’t be both grateful and complaining at the same time. The two vibrations are opposite. They cannot occupy the same space at the same time. They’re like two magnets that repel each other.

Gratitude, Like Happiness, is a Choice

To reap the benefits of gratitude, you first have to choose it.

  1. Choose to celebrate the ones who are with you, rather than mourning those who are not.

  2. Choose to focus on the things going well in your life, rather than obsessing about the things that are going wrong.

  3. Choose to look forward to the friends & relatives you’ll enjoy seeing, instead of griping about the ones you wish you could avoid.

  4. Choose to enjoy a day of guilt-free enjoyment of delicious abundance, instead of complaining about the extra calories.

In every event, in every circumstance, you get to choose how you look at things. Are you seeking the silver lining, the reason to smile, the source of joy, or just looking for something to wallow in misery about?

What About These Alleged Benefits?

One of the definitions of the word “Appreciate” is to increase in value. True appreciation means stopping for a moment to truly experience the object of your attention, to see the beauty of it, to bask in it, to feel the joy its presence brings. If you never do this, then the thing is worthless to you. But every time you truly bask in it, its value to you grows.

When we are appreciating something, it changes our vibration. It tunes our radio dial to the station playing the music that matches the vibration of bliss, of joy, of basking. We become beacons, emitting a beam of appreciation that attracts matching beams, and the lights come up and we start seeing more and more to appreciate, to love, all around us. Life gets better and better for those who live it in gratitude.

Sadly, it Also Works in Reverse

The opposite is also true. If you spend all your time dwelling on your losses, failures, and pain, if those are your topics of conversation, if they occupy your mind, your vibration emits that beam. A dark beam of negativity that calls more negativity to it. More and more awfulness takes shape around you, and your life spirals into a darker and darker place.

You're More Powerful Than You Know

It’s so simple once you truly begin to grasp it. Yes, we have relatives who’re going through hard times, and others who aren’t physical anymore. We can choose to grieve those who’ve moved on and worry ourselves sick about those who are still here. We can say screw the holidays, they’re too painful to observe.

Or we can accept that everyone has his or her own journey and that their higher power has things in hand. Everything is really and truly okay.

Everything really is okay. Challenges are okay. They’re how we grow. Finishing a lifetime and moving on is okay. It’s a step every one of us will take, always at the perfect time for our well being. Everything is unfolding exactly the way it’s supposed to.

Yes, we miss those who’ve gone on. It’s natural, and everyone needs to grieve as hard and as long as they need to. But we don’t always realize that we can’t connect with our loved ones when we’re grieving them. The energies don’t match. They’re in bliss now. It’s only in bliss we can connect again.

Yes, we worry about our kids. But every mistake they make is making them wiser, stronger, better people. And they’re their mistakes, their choices, and it’s their right to make them.

A Better 2017


There’s so much good. So much joy, especially during the holiday season.

So let’s make the most of it.

Thank YOU!

One of the things I’m most grateful for is you, dear readers. Thank you for being a part of my journey!


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