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BlissBlog on the Tube

The original plan

I was thinking I should find a way to monetize the BlissBlog. I was feeling I needed to justify the time I spend on it by making it into an income stream. (That’s a WHOLE post, right there, yeah?) I was thinking of creating an online course people could buy. I was going to use my Facebook Live videos, produce them, etc.

Then I changed my mind.

Then I thought maybe I’d offer personal coaching here on the site. Offer counseling and LOA based life advice for a fee.

And then I changed my mind again.

Here's the thing...

I was meditating the other day, and got a very clear message.

Just put it out there. Stop worrying about making it earn. It’s your act of service. Just put it out there. 

I’m not one to argue with the voice of my higher self. So that’s what I’m doing.

And so, free videos!

I created a second Youtube Channel (In addition to the Maggie Shayne channel, where I post book trailers and doggy videos.)  I named the new channel BlissBlog on the Tube. 

I uploaded the videos that were going to be a course there. I am probably going to do a lot more of them. They might be on FB Live, or they might not, but whatever I do, I’ll put them on the Youtube channel to share. I’ll also be posting them here, in addition to my weekend posts, and you can find them under the “Videos” category here.

Please subscribe to BlissBlog on the Tube

I need to get a bunch of subscribers in order to qualify to change the URL of my channel to something easy and memorable. Bonus: if you subscribe you’ll get a little email nudge every time I upload a new Law of Attraction based video. So that’ll be fun, right?BlissBlog on the Tube

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