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Breaking Through Your Wealth Blocks

So last week we talked about how we can block our own success and abundance by harboring deep beliefs we might not be aware of, and we discussed one of them: “I’m not one of those people.” Read the post to get over that. This week we’re going to discuss one of the biggest blocks any of us ever experience. The monster we call GUILT. We have this warped notion that there is a limited amount of wealth in this world. We look at wealth like a pie, and we believe that if we take more than one piece, someone else doesn’t get any pie at all. So let’s break this down.

Wealth is not a pie with limited pieces. Money is nothing but energy. And energy is limitless. Think about our economy. It wasn’t that long ago that we were trading shells, beads and furs. Today, governments are trading amounts so high our human brains can’t even grasp it. They count money in trillions. Do you know how long ago a trillion seconds was? 32,000 years! Did we go out into space and bring back tons of resources that were not already here on Planet Earth to account for all that wealth? No. We created it right here, and we did it from the power of our beautiful human minds and imaginations. In exactly the same way you cannot get sick enough to make a sick person healthy, and you cannot get sad enough to make a sad person happy, you cannot get poor enough to make a poor person rich. I’ve seen this happen in my personal life. If you have someone who is chronically impoverished, and give them a whole pile of money, they will be poor again within a very short time. This is true with rare exceptions. And here’s why. You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are. If “poor” is what you are, what you have always been, what you believe yourself to be way down deep, you can never be anything but that. I know people who’ve earned 6 figure incomes for most of their lives, and yet all they ever talk about is their money troubles, their tax troubles, the unexpected major disasters that just appear as if out of nowhere. I’ve had this happen to ME. The solution is this: First, change what you are, way down deep. Change what you believe about yourself and what you expect your life to be. First, Eradicate the Guilt

Does it make you feel guilty when you have more than others? You will never be wealthy until you find a way to replace that feeling with something better. The first year we made serious money, we employed 3 men full time for the entire summer to help build a garage/workshop. We employed a 40-man company to build our water feature, and a smaller local company to build a new driveway. I also employed several of my daughters, one of whom is my COO, another my Editorial Director, and another who did some proofreading jobs. I employed an online assistant, a website designer, an accounting firm, a photographer, a payroll service. I spent money taking online courses, buying stock photography and art, and that’s just off the top of my head.

The better I do, the better everyone around me does. And we give, give, give to the causes that stir our souls. A rising tide lifts all boats.

So how do you become a person who attracts wealth instead of poverty? You do that by adjusting your vibration. But until you’ve made that change, wealth cannot stick to you. So let’s get past the guilt block, and figure out how to become a wealth magnet. 1. Remember: Every word you say creates your reality. How many times a day do you mention how broke you are? How often are you complaining about bills, about taxes, about expensive things you can’t afford? Every time you do that, you attract poverty. So stop doing that. Stop complaining about gas prices, grocery prices, clothing prices. Stop judging people who wear designer sunglasses. Stop writing every rich female character in your books as a spoiled bitch. Stop griping about taxes. STOP POSTING TO YOUR WRITING LOOPS ABOUT YOUR PLUMMETING SALES. Just. Freakin’. Stop. 2. Every time you feel resentment toward a wealthy person, you make yourself poorer. If you look at someone rich and feel resentful about the way they accumulated their money, “He’s probably dealing drugs!” Or the way they are spending their wealth, “Gold plated faucets when there are children starving in India!?” Or your personal judgment that they don’t deserve their wealth, “Bastards like him don’t deserve money! Life isn’t fair!“ You are blocking your own abundance.

When you see others making money, you should take it as proof that it can be done, and that if they can do it, so can you. And remember, you have no clue where others have been, how much they’re giving, or what is the state of their heart and soul. 3. Pay Attention to the Abundance You Already Have: Celebrate it Out of All Proportion. Attention to abundance, attention to well-being, attention to every little sign of improvement, will help you tune your energy toward abundance. You cannot focus on lack and get wealthier. You must focus on wealth to get wealthier. I know the old “count your blessings” thing is cliché, but it’s true. You need to change your default setting, those automatic, go-to, knee-jerk reactions that really are showing you those deep seeded beliefs that must be replaced. Celebrate every bill you have enough money to pay. Carry on like a goofball over every little increase in income. Celebrate the signs of wealth you see around you. 4. Care for and Nurture Everything You Wish to Improve Upon Want a nicer house? Make the very best of your home you already have. Mow the lawn, Plant some flowers. Trim the weeds. Paint it. Decorate it. Keep it clean. Wash the windows. Hang new curtains. Rearrange the furniture. Patch the holes. Hang photos. Spend some time loving and nurturing your home, whether you own or rent it. Make it the best it can possibly be. Do it NOW. Get yourself into the mindset of loving your home so much that you can’t stop playing with it, prettifying it. Want a nicer car? Wash the one you have. Clean it out. Vacuum the carpet. Hang air fresheners. (My husband’s magic combination is to hang one New Car scent and one Leather scent.) Take care of your vehicle. Get it serviced when it’s due. Keep it full of gas. Get some seat covers and floor mats. Do the things you can do now to make that car feel more and more luxurious. Want nicer clothes? Pay more attention to the ones you have. Mix and match and accessorize. Put together unusual, fun, flirty, pretty outfits. Dress up even when you don’t have anywhere to go. Donate anything in your closet that doesn’t bring you joy. Do you see the pattern here? Do the things you can afford to do now, and the things you can do for free with nothing more than time and attention, that will make all you have more beautiful, more wealthy feeling, more pleasing to you. People who live in mansions don’t have paint peeling off their siding, or weeds growing in their walkways. You shouldn’t either. I think this is enough for one blog post. You have A LOT of homework this week. Stop Complaining about lack of money. Stop Resenting those who have more than you. Change the way you see yourself. Celebrate every improvement. Focus on the wealth you have. Make the best of everything you want to improve. Now, go get at it. And tell me about your efforts and any changes you feel!

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