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Candle Magic

Simpler is better

The way natural magic works is that it helps you keep your focus on your desire and off your resistance for a long enough period of time to give the manifestation you want a big boost. All it takes to create anything is non-resistant desire. Most of us, generally speaking, think of something we want, followed by a dozen reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t have it. It’s too expensive, too rare, too indulgent, too frivolous or just out of our reach. None of which is anything other than you keeping yourself from having what you want.

Any ritual we can use to distract our inner Debbie Downer is going to help, and natural magic has the added benefits of requiring ingredients that match our goal’s vibration, and an ultra-relaxed alpha brain wave state, where all the best creating occurs. It also has the benefit of taking place “between the worlds.” Magic happens in a sacred circle that is said to be a space that is not a space in a time that is not a time.

In layman’s terms, we’re mainlining our spell to our subconscious in the terms it likes best – images and colors and scents and rhythms.

Create sacred space

Only you can create your sacred space in your way. But whatever you do, do it respectfully and reverently, but also, make it fun, unique and yours. And remember, anything you do to create sacred space gets done in reverse to uncreate it, at the end. 🙂

How to do candle magic

Step 1: Pick the candle. I know, obvi, right? But there’s more to it. For a small, once and done type spell, use a small candle, like an altar candle or chime candle. If your spell is one that requires repeating, get a bigger candle. There are all different shapes of candles. A male figure for spells for or about a man, a female figure for spells for or about a women, an embracing couple figure for spells involving passion. There are cat shaped candles for good fortune, and candles with seven knobs on them where the notion is to burn one knob a day for 7 days. This is derived from Hoodoo, I understand.

You can make your own candle, of course, and this is a powerful act. The entire time you’re creating the candle, you are imbuing it with your intention and goal. You pick the color that matches your goal, add herbs or even a crystal or crystal chips or crystal sand. Add oils from plants that match the vibration of the goal, too. And you can find tables of correspondence in almost every book on natural m

Or you can save time and buy candles that already have all of that done for you. We’ve only just begun to carry ready-made spell candles at the shop. We chose Crystal Journey Candles after a lot of research. They are made with magical intent, herbs, colors and scents chosen with specific goals in mind and they are big enough to do the job. Our first batch includes spell candles empowered for healing, love, money, and spirituality. Each includes a rhyming verse you can use during your candle burning ritual, or naturally, you can write your own.

Dressing your candle

If your candle doesn’t already come with oils and herbs and intent, or even if it does, you can give your spell some extra oomph by dressing your candle. You do this by rubbing the candle with an oil that corresponds to the vibration of your goal. Hold the candle with its bottom toward you and its wick end away from you. Take a bit of the oil and rub it from the wick end of the candle, toward your body, stopping in the middle. Do this until you’ve rubbed enough oil into the candle. Then flip the candle, bottom out, and repeat, again beginning at the furthest end from you, and drawing the oil down the candle shaft toward you, stopping about halfway.

Intent is everything

Your intention is the most important thing. As you are dressing the candle, you should be entirely focused on your goal. And remember, there is only one way to do this so that it will work. You have to focus without resistance. That is, you have to be convinced that there is absolutely nothing preventing your desire from manifesting for you. Your attitude should be “this is inevitable and it’s going to be amazing! Not, “I am suffering so terribly without it, it just has to come.” Your desperation will not help. Only your belief and absolute faith.

While you are dressing the candle, this is a great time to be chanting the words you’ve written or reading the ones from the candle. Singing the words is even better.

Burning your candle

Once your candle is ready, place it on a safe surface, say your rhyme one more time, and light the wick. Now as the candle burns,

Your body will feel almost limp at this point. You might even want to relax onto the floor and rest for a bit.

Finishing up

Afterward, snuff your candle (never blow) and be sure to thank and release any deities or energies you have invited to join you in your ritual.

Once your circle has been properly closed, have something to eat. A grain-based snack will help you ground yourself again.

After this is done, you can light the candle any time you feel you want to give your magic a little more positive light. BUT this is another area where our intuitive tendencies are the opposite of what we should be doing. Most people would light the candle every time they start to doubt that their desire is coming. They would light it to shore up their resolve and belief. That’s exactly wrong.

Light the candle instead, every time you see another sign that the goal is coming closer. Light it when you’re feeling really great about your desire. Light it to enhance the glow you already feel, and let your positive energy feed its power even more. Light it in celebration when you’re feeling confident and strong. Do not ever light it in doubt.

And of course, never leave your candle burning unattended.

Law of Attraction's take on spells

Abraham has said many times that if you can maintain a non-resistant thought for 16 -17 seconds (used to be 17, now it’s 16, and getting faster) momentum begins to build around it. And if you can hold it for 68 seconds, it’s on its way to you. Practicing rituals like this one can help you to maintain your focus without resistance. Your entire being is acknowledging that we can and do create our reality, and acting in accordance.

Magic works! And that’s why.

Until next time…


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