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Transitions are hard, aren’t they? I’ve been noticing how hard it is every year going through the transition from winter to spring, and how it feels, here where I live, we go two steps forward and three steps back over and over again. I had a glorious Sunday outside, with sunshine and nearly 70 degrees. Then yesterday it poured and the wind blew and today the sun is bright but the high temp will not get out of the forties. We had an overnight frost. And I feel like throwing a tantrum. I want spring and I want it NOW, dammit.

It’s a transition. Like birth is a transition. The hardest part of it is the delivery. It’s hard on the mom, the dad, the baby, everyone. It involves pain and struggle and pushing. It hurts. Death is a transition and often we seem to need to pass through the same phases of difficulty in getting through it. It’s not the afterlife people fear, it’s the pain of getting there.

In the Craft of the Wise, in-between times are the most powerful times for magic. The “High” holy days, are the ones that fall smack in-between the solstices and the equinoxes. Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, Samhain. We’re in one of those periods right now, with Beltane only a few days behind us.

Imbolc is in-between winter and spring. Beltane is between spring and summer. Lammas between summer and fall. Samhain between fall and winter. Midnight is in between today and tomorrow. Dawn is between night and day. Dusk is between day and night. Doorways are between one room and another, entry and exit doors are between inside and outside.

In between is the point of change, and every act of magic is, at its core, an act of change. Changing yourself, your vibration, which changes your reality, your life, your entire experience. Magic is change. Change is magic.

Right now we’re in a time of drastic change. Staying home, isolated from other people, is very much like the poster child of magical change, the caterpillar wrapping up in its cocoon, staying there, alone, still, silent, in stasis. She is shut down for what must feel to her like a very long time. But when she emerges, everything is different. Her entire point of view is different from her brand new perspective, fluttering above, flying high, looking down at all she thought she knew before and seeing it in a whole new way.

We only feel fear or change because we’re used to the way things were. But remember, when we stop changing, growing, evolving, we are no longer living. Change, expansion, growth are the purpose of this life.

We will emerge (not yet, people–not yet) to a whole new world. The change we need to bring has not yet happened. We still have those who think they can keep living as caterpillars because they hate and fear change. That’s natural. But change is only scary because it’s different, and we like what we’re used to.

We must embrace change. We will be left behind if we don’t.

Many businesses are still clinging to the old ways. They must evolve or die. Whatever you do for a living, folks, you need to start thinking forward, looking for ways your business can thrive even in the new world to come. Start shifting. Get your online components up and running. And if your business isn’t one that can convert, it’s time to start looking for new ways you can allow abundance to flow you. There are countless things you love doing, and most of them can provide an income. (If you just do what you love and leave money out of it, money will follow. Align with well being, with joy, with abundance, and that’s what you will experience.)

There’s no need to fear change. It’s always positive, always forward, always a part of our physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological evolution.

This is the hard part. The doorway. The cocooning. The withdrawal. But just as spring follows the withdrawal of winter, even if its in fits and starts at first, this too will end, and we will spill our beings into a better world when it’s over.

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