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Help! I've been cursed!

I heard a tale from a reader about a friend who was being blackmailed by someone who claimed to be a person of magic. They threatened to curse the victim and their children unless they sent money.

Let me explain to you why this magical person is a fraud, a charlatan, and frankly, an asshole who is no more legitimate than that exiled royal fellow whose emails ask for help getting his fortune out of the country; all he needs is your bank account info and he'll split it with you.

It's bull and here's why. There is a constant stream of well-being and love flowing to and through each and every one of us from Source, of which we are a part. All power and all magic and all everything are parts of that flow. We're bathed in it continuously.

There is no corresponding flow of evil or dark energy flowing to us. There is only the lack of well-being we experience when we put obstacles between us and the flow of love. When we block off the flow, it's still flowi