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Dark Clouds, Silver Linings

When we’re happy and grateful and feeling great, that’s what’s emanating from our pores. It’s filling our aura, creating the energy field around us, and we become a beacon of that, and a magnet for that. We beam out the signal and pull in everything that matches our frequency.

And then something happens and we get knocked down. We feel bad, and sad, and weepy, and that’s what we emanate. We’ve changed our channel, turned our dial. Now we pull in everything that matches that new frequency.

This is how I believe the universe works. We adjust our dial to pull in that which we emanate.

But I also think those so-called lower frequencies are a necessary part of the cycle. Because if we stop growing, we stop living. When things are floating along evenly, we have no reason to grow. We’re quite happy right where we are, thankyouverymuch.

But that’s not why we’re here. They very fact of living ensures we’re going to be exposed to a lot of things we don’t like and every single time we are, we make a decision about what we would prefer, and then it becomes. That’s growth. That’s expansion. That is spiritual evolution.

Sometimes the things we don't like hold our attention

And those are the times we kind of start attracting other things that don’t make us happy. Things that match the feeling we’re stuck on.

Just like a forest fire clears, purifies and fertilizes the land, spurring massive new growth, these little disasters force us to up our game. And you know, we created all of the disasters ourselves, during other times when we weren’t feeling so hot. [bctt tweet=”Everything we ever bitched about, we created. It’s all still out there.” username=”@MaggieShayne”] What we experience depends entirely on where we tune that dial.

daisys message

And although we know death is an illusion, and that she lives on, and that we can still experience her at will by calling up the essence of her that now lives inside us—it still rocked us and made us sad. And so our radio dial tuned itself to a lower frequency, where everything we’d ever bitched about with a matching energy was live-streaming.

We used to bitch about our water a lot. It’s too hard. It tastes funny. And if someone’s in the shower and you flush, there are howls of anguish echoing from the rafters.


We almost laughed. We knew what we’d done. So we took a deep breath and started shifting our radio dial back where it belonged, bit by bit. We threw ourselves into fun projects, planting flowers and weeding the stream banks, swimming and basking every day, having grandkids over, and buying every floaty toy Walmart had left in stock for them.

We dealt with the septic and now have a system that will last our lives. We drilled a new well, and it’s sweet and clear and has a flow rate of 30 gallons per minute. We can shower, run the dishwasher, and water the lawn at the same time.

We’re taking a break before dealing with the foundation matter, but we can already see it’s going to close up a space under the house where heat has been escaping massively, so we’ll stay warmer and burn less fuel going forward.

My point: it’s not so bad when your dial slides the other way Usually, you’ll know it as it’s happening, and get back up where you most enjoy being. (80’s on 8, am I right?) And then some, because here’s the thing.

After these little speed bumps, when we try to return our dial to our former station, we find nothing but static, and we have to look a little higher on the dial. Because we’re at a higher frequency than we were before. [bctt tweet=”So don’t feel bad when you stumble into grief or fear. You’re about to enter a growth spurt.” username=”@MaggieShayne”] On the other side of our little stumble, we’re vibrating at a far higher level than we were before. Things are turning nicer and nicer around here. And we’re better too. We’ve grown.

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