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Dealing with Negativity

Dear You, I love your question. It’s such a great one The simple answer is, you don’t. You can’t get rid of the negativity around you. You can only get rid of the negativity within you. So you work on yourself. You work on “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you project bounces off me, because it’s not about me, it’s about you.” (Okay, I edited it.) It takes a long time and a lot of consistent conscious directing of our own minds to get good at this, but the changes begin instantly, so give it a try. Just keep telling yourself that your happiness is your choice. You aren’t happy or unhappy because of anything other people do. You’re happy because you choose to focus on things that make you happy. So when someone around you is beaming negativity, you just close your eyes to it. Get away from them if you can, of course, but if it’s close family or co-workers, the best you can do is choose to focus on something good instead. Something good about them if you can find something.

When you focus on all the negativity around you, it grows. When you worry about how to get rid of it, it grows. When you try to figure out how to stay positive in spite of it, it grows. When you do a spell to banish it, it grows.

Any focus at all on the negative thing makes it grow. Focus on positive things instead. It’s just like changing your radio station. As you focus on the good, think about good, find good things even in the midst of bad ones, you’ll no longer be a magnet for the negativity. You’ll be a magnet for positivity instead. The stuff you’ve stopped thinking about will fall away and you won’t even notice it has happened because that’s how thoroughly you’ve tuned it out. Eventually you’ll remember how much that used to bother you and notice that it’s completely vanished from your experience.

One of the big things we do, Lance and I, is look for the lesson. Every bad thing that happens, comes to us to bring us clarity, to push us toward something that we want or that our higher self, our Divine Self, knows we long for.