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Dear Santa

As the year winds to a close, and after completing my Year End Review process, which I blogged about here, I move on to my second and most cherished end-of-year tradition, my annual letter to Santa Claus, which is a magical rite with powerful results

To Begin

I begin my letter in a state of full awareness of and appreciation for all that the year gone by has brought me. After all, I've been focusing on those things for the past several days by the time I sit down to write this note. I've been really celebrating them. So they are foremost in my mind.

This is one of my most crucial rules about dear Santa letters--I write them from a solid place filled with appreciation, a place of counting my blessings and relishing my abundance, even during the tightest of years. To start a dear Santa letter (or any other magical working) from a place of need, fear, lack, desperation, despair, or any negative emotion, will never go well. We create more of what we feel. Magic is real. It's focused energy fueled by emotion. It gives your vibration a megaphone. So if I work magic while feeling crappy, my crappiness is what gets magnified. It beams out from me, spreading my crappy feelings to the world, and it magnetizes all the outward crappiness out there and beams it right back to me.

Like attracts like. There is no way around that basic universal law.