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Dear Santa

As the year winds to a close, and after completing my Year End Review process, which I blogged about here, I move on to my second and most cherished end-of-year tradition, my annual letter to Santa Claus, which is a magical rite with powerful results

To Begin

I begin my letter in a state of full awareness of and appreciation for all that the year gone by has brought me. After all, I've been focusing on those things for the past several days by the time I sit down to write this note. I've been really celebrating them. So they are foremost in my mind.

This is one of my most crucial rules about dear Santa letters--I write them from a solid place filled with appreciation, a place of counting my blessings and relishing my abundance, even during the tightest of years. To start a dear Santa letter (or any other magical working) from a place of need, fear, lack, desperation, despair, or any negative emotion, will never go well. We create more of what we feel. Magic is real. It's focused energy fueled by emotion. It gives your vibration a megaphone. So if I work magic while feeling crappy, my crappiness is what gets magnified. It beams out from me, spreading my crappy feelings to the world, and it magnetizes all the outward crappiness out there and beams it right back to me.

Like attracts like. There is no way around that basic universal law.

The Good Stuff

So that's the first thing. Take the time to get into a good-feeling place of abundance and well-being. Spend the week before your Dear Santa letter on reviewing every good thing that has happened during the past year. Notice how even the bad things have worked themselves out, but focus more, if you can, on the good things.

I like to focus especially on the everyday things I forget to appreciate. That first cup of coffee in the morning. The soft snoring of my little bulldog. My soft mattress and weighted blanket at night. The views outside my windows. Sunshine, or snow, or rain. A delicious meal. My beautiful Christmas tree. My grandchildren's adoration.Sometimes I just stop what I'm doing and look at my husband's face and remind myself how happy I am to share my life with him.

And from that place of pure appreciation, I start my letter. I wax on a bit about all the good stuff, and then I get into the nitty gritty. What do I want to bring into my life in the coming new year?

I will have given this a lot of thought by the time I sit down to pen my letter. It's important to come at this with the basis of knowing what things from the year gone by worked, and what didn't. Which experiences I want more of and which I never want to have again. That's why I do the Year-End Review first and mull on that.

Ask Big

There is no guilt or small-thinking allowed in the Dear Santa letter. I imagine I am writing to the spirit of abundance and wishes itself, to the most generous gift-giving energy in the entire Universe. I liken the spirit of Santa to the energy of Jupiter in astrology, the planet of gifts and surprises. If we think of how much we love giving gifts to those we love, and how good we feel when the gift is perfect, we get a better idea of how this Spirit of Giving feels about giving gifts to us.

So ask for everything, ask for the moon without a twinge of guilt. Look at the basis of it all, there is no part of this universe that is not you. Every bit of it, created by the same Consciousness that resides within us. The same being who breathes through our lungs and sees through our eyes and hears through our ears and touches with our hands, but is so much more than just us. It is ALL. All things, all people, all of existence, and all the gods, goddesses, guides, angels, and even Santa are part of this same Whole. Source energy. Consciousness. The One. So anything we ask for, we then go about creating for ourselves, from ourselves And anything we wish for the world, we take part in bringing it into the world. So there is no greed. It's all us. Everything we are and everything we have and everything we want is just another aspect of us. So this is guilt-free asking for our wildest dreams in the year to come.

Then we just go forward with the challenge of seeing how close we can get to them. Which is to say, how closely we can align with them.

The ritual

I print my letter on special paper, re-read it once again, then roll it like a scroll, and tie it with ribbons in traditional Christmas colors, red and green or silver and gold, whatever feels right and in keeping with the energy of the season.

Then I leave the rolled letter on the mantel with an offering of homemade cookies and almond milk on the night of the Winter Solstice and I repeat this again on Christmas Eve. I usually crumble the cookies and scatter them outside the next day for the birds and wildlife, and I pour the milk onto the earth. I read the letter again on New Year's Eve, and on that night, I burn it and let the smoke carry my wishes into the new year.

This puts my focus on my New Year's wishes over a span of ten days---the final ten days of the current year. And as we know, focusing on a desire with an attitude of belief and expectation is how to bring that desire into our physical experience. I think it starts the year off with a bang.

The Secret

The things that will empower our wishes, are these:

  1. Avoid wondering how the wish will come to be. Leave the how and when to the Universe. We don't need to know how gravity holds us down, for it to do so. Just desire and align, and the hows will click into place. Trust that it will come as soon as you are aligned with it and then get aligned with it.

  2. Try to experience your wish while you are wishing it, as if it is already in your life. Feel the feelings of it. Celebrate its arrival in advance. This is the quickest way to align your energy with the energy of your desires.

  3. Begin immediately looking for signs that your wishes are in the process of becoming. Notice every piece of them, every hint of them, every echo of them, everything that feels like they feel, and celebrate every one of them.

And that's it. Give it a try. It's fun to be a kid again and write a letter to Santa. It's even more fun knowing Santa is real. He is the jolly, red-coated, reindeer-driving, gift-giving aspect of Universal Consciousness. And we can tap into him the way we can tap into any other aspect of the Whole, from Shakespeare to Kali.

The Letter to Santa is a wishing spell, when it comes down to it.

Happy Santa Season!


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