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Dear Teachers

Today’s post is a spiritual message for TEACHERS.

This one never made it onto the site. I wrote it last spring, and my teacher daughters asked me to please get it up on the blog so they could share it. So here it is.

When this thing hit, our local school teachers (in a district near me that shall not be named) scrambled to make remote learning lesson plans for their students. They had to do this over a weekend, then attend school on Monday with everything ready. Oh, and also, learn the remote teaching video call system they would be using. And learn it well enough that within a week they would be prepared to teach it to every parent, because most would not have a clue, oh, and teach it to every student, too.

The first two weeks were to be focused only on review. Spring break was due at the end of that time, and the hope was school could resume after that.

If not, teachers were told, then after spring break, they’d have to begin teaching new material remotely. But not to worry. They would have spring break, 10 whole days, to plan the new lessons.

And then spring break was cancelled.

So our teachers are now at home, trying to remotely teach kids who are on all different schedules, many of whom don’t even have internet. The phone calls are non-stop and our teachers are working from the time they get up until they fall into bed.

And don’t forget, during all this, they have their own kids to teach, and their own kids’ teachers to answer to.

Teachers, this is stressful. Your spiritual health and mental health and emotional health must be given some kind of priority in your lives, or you will burn out before this ends. This is the moment in the airplane emergency where you must put on your own oxygen mask. I won’t say put it on first, because that ship has sailed. But at least put it on.

I want you to know that I know, and many know how vital you are. How important you are. In my childhood you were rays of light. Ms. Sversky, my 7th grade English teacher at Otselic Valley, encouraged my writing gift in a way that brings tears to my eyes even now, 40 some-odd years later. And Mr. Gary, same school, was my hero. The impressions he made on my young mind, an intelligent, well-spoken adult who cared what was going on with me, went deep and took root. They are a part of the tapestry that grew into the adult me.

You are touching students on levels you might never know. But you will know about some of them. They will find you, write to you later. They will tell their future children about that teacher who would not give up on them. They will never forget you. They are forever changed by their interactions with you. I love teachers so much!

For some of these kids, their teacher is the only stable adult influence in their lives. You probably already knew that. You must.

You make a difference. And in this time of chaos, you are giving our kids a sense of continuity, a sense of stability, something to hold onto, an anchor in a stormy sea.

Give yourselves credit for that. Know it, right down deep in your heart. It’s not a platitude, it’s truth. Know that you are a freaking hero to your students. Even the ones who don’t realize it yet. Do you understand how rare and precious a thing that is? I hope you do.

I want you to give yourself some of that love you feel for your kids. (I know you call them all your kids.) I want you to move your own well-being up a few notches on the priority list. I want you to carve out an hour now and then for a long, hot, scented bubble bath. I want you to schedule a little 5-minute break and sip some herbal tea and sit on the porch or open the window and listen to the birds. I want you, just for a few minutes here and there, to not jump every time your computer or phone pings. I want you to quiet your mind a little and let Source energy flow through you.

When we tap into Source, just by distracting our mind chatter with some white noise, some breath counting, some stillness, we are plugging into the energy stream that is life itself. That’s because when we aren’t thinking, we have no resistance, and as soon as we lower our resistance, Source’s livestream flows through us. It heals everything it touches. It informs every missing piece. It tunes up our engines, cleans out the gunk, rejuvenates us fully, revs up our intuition, lifts our spirits, and soothes our souls.

You are a living, breathing, walking, talking, physical manifestation of Goddess. Of God. Of the Universe. Of Source.

Treat yourself accordingly. You deserve a little worship.

And thank you! You’re everything to your kids.

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