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Dinosaurs are not extinct

The Consciousness that is looking out at the world through your eyes as you read this post, is the same Consciousness that was looking out through the dinosaurs' eyes so long ago. There's only One. (Consciousness, not dinosaurs.) There's only ever been One, though it's been called a million names by all who speak. Goddess, God, Source, the Universe. It is Life Force. It is what makes us alive and aware that we are alive.

Deep Dive!

Thinking about this is a lovely deep dive and I felt like a swim this morning. Actually, I was meditating and in my mind, I was suddenly staring into the dark, beautiful eye of a dinosaur, and it hit me that I was once a dinosaur. My inner being, that thing that makes me alive and aware, is streaming through everyone else just as it's streaming through me. It experienced life through everyone who ever was and every living thing, every being, even the plants.

So if you like that, if you want to play with it a little, as I do, then it follows, we can't think of anything we haven't been. Anything ever alive, plants, animals, birds, fish, viruses, bacteria, amoeba, has or had this same Consciousness live-streaming through it, experiencing physical life through its body. It's that part that survives when the body dies.

We are connected to everyone else, the good guys and the bad guys, equally. The same soul that experienced life as John Wilkes Booth, also experienced life as Abraham Lincoln. And as a dinosaur. As all the dinosaurs. And now, as you and me.

To me, thinking of it this way takes things deeper. Read the two statements below.

"I'm connected to all beings."

"I AM all beings."

Which one feels more intimate, more personal, more present and real and now?

Upon re-reading this post before uploading, it occurred to me that I AM was God's answer when Moses asked what is thy name? So throw that in the hopper, fellow mystics. I AM. I just am. Everything that is, I am. I simply AM.

Look How Far We've Come!

This thought exercise highlights for me how far Consciousness has evolved. From single-celled bodies with a vague awareness that warm was better than cold and light was better than dark, to humans with arms and legs and eyes and ears who can smell and taste and touch and feel, and who ponder the nature of our own existence. All the same Being, the same Consciousness.

Each iteration of experience causes the physical creature to evolve in both the physical world and the non-physical world. Every sensation and every experience in a lifetime is noted by the cells of the body and added to the library we call DNA. The info is handed down to the next generation, which makes improvements based on it, and so on. Those bodies who take on the improvements become the new normal, because the old models and those who don't make the changes die off, and on and on it goes. That's physical evolution.

Every second of life experience lifetime after lifetime, causes Consciousness to expand and evolve as well. We've gone from wanting food and warmth and light for survival, to a species who invent and create and explore space and fall in love. And still we are just beginning.

Tapping in

At any point in life we might need wisdom or talent or skills that we don't think we possess. But that's kind of like living in today's world and thinking "I don't know who was president in 1902 and I will never, ever know," when Google is standing by with the answer. (You don't have to look it up. It was Theodore Roosevelt.)

Consciousness is the repository of all knowledge, talent, skill, wisdom, healing, love, everything. Everything. And we are Consciouness, live streaming through our bodies, our purpose to gather even more experience to add to the Whole. Every breath, every thought, every eureka moment, every creation, every illness, every problem, every mistake, every flaw -- it all expands Consciousness.

So we should be able to access anything we need at any time. And we do that by adjusting our vibration to match the essence of that talent or skill or person or creature we seek. We tune it in by surrounding ourselves in things like it.

Just like magic!

Say I want to dip into the heads of the greatest storytellers of all time. To do this, I must adjust my vibration to match theirs. I would delve into the work of those writers I consider the greatest, reading them voraciously and watching screen adaptations of their work, studying their life stories as well as their fiction.

I would also need to elevate my opinion of my own work. This shouldn't be hard, as writers don't write unless we think we're good at it. You have to feel great to become great, you see. And that applies to everything. You have to feel it first. That's how you tune it in. So this would be an area to emulate.

I would begin to act like a great author when I sit down to write, crafting every sentence until it sparkled. I would not sit down with the attitude of, "Two hours until I need to start dinner. I need to churn out ten pages."

Meditation is the quickest way to clear resistance and tune in to our desires. It sweeps away static, fine tunes our dial, and allows us to feel more clearly the tug of our Inner Being, which is always calling us toward what we want. Sometimes the most direct route goes through a swamp, but if we follow the guidance we'lll never be wrong.

Follow the guidance means follow our hearts by choosing always the things that feel best to us.

This can apply this to anything.



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