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Dinosaurs are not extinct

The Consciousness that is looking out at the world through your eyes as you read this post, is the same Consciousness that was looking out through the dinosaurs' eyes so long ago. There's only One. (Consciousness, not dinosaurs.) There's only ever been One, though it's been called a million names by all who speak. Goddess, God, Source, the Universe. It is Life Force. It is what makes us alive and aware that we are alive.

Deep Dive!

Thinking about this is a lovely deep dive and I felt like a swim this morning. Actually, I was meditating and in my mind, I was suddenly staring into the dark, beautiful eye of a dinosaur, and it hit me that I was once a dinosaur. My inner being, that thing that makes me alive and aware, is streaming through everyone else just as it's streaming through me. It experienced life through everyone who ever was and every living thing, every being, even the plants.

So if you like that, if you want to play with it a little, as I do, then it follows, we can't think of anything we haven't been. Anything ever alive, plants, animals, birds, fish, viruses, bacteria, amoeba, has or had this same Consciousness live-streaming through it, experiencing physical life through its body. It's that part that survives when the body dies.