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Do Our Brains Synch Up With One Another?

According to Discovery Magazine, scientists have observed that when people are working together on the same goal, their brains synch up. They measured the electrical frequency (vibration) as well as tracking where the blood flow was most intense and more, and people working together synched up in all those areas. Almost as if their brains were communicating.

That suggests that consciousness extends outside the confines of the human head. It suggests that consciousness exists beyond the physical.

Here's the article. It's SO worth reading.

This is not news to us

To those of us who align with the elements of nature, practice natural magic, and study the Law of Attraction, this is not news. This is science finally scratching the surface of what Consciousness with a capital C truly is–it's life force. It's who and what we truly are. It's what some call Goddess or God and it's also that part of it we call our soul. And more of this non-physical mind exists outside our physical bodies than within them.

What science hasn't come close to exploring–yet–is that it's not just other people we synch with, but other things. All the things. When we experience something awful, we synch our wavelength with the wavelength of the awful thing and find more awfulness waiting for us there. All that matches our awful wavelength us shows up, because we have tuned it in. This is why "when it rains, it pours."

Fortunately, when we experience something beautiful, our wavelengths synch with that of beauty and of the way that beauty made us feel. All sorts of beautiful things that match our energy appear in our lives, again, because we have tuned them in.

Techniques for tuning

In the experiments cited in the above article, the subjects were around each other a lot. People who live together tend to develop the same sort of mind-to-mind communication. The article says two people might actually be able to share the same experience of, say, watching a sad (or scary, or romantic) movie. Our brains synch up. We experience it the same way as each other. As if we're sharing a brain.

Doesn't this make sense. I say all the time that my daughters and I share a brain. I say it about my husband and I, too. We all finish each other's sentences, make the same bad pun at the same time, have the same idea's sometimes almost eerie, right? You've experienced it too.

So we can extrapolate from this experiment that spending quality time around things that vibrate similarly to what we desire, can help us to shift our vibration to match. And if you've been reading here long, you know that matching the energy of that which we desire causes it to shimmer into existence in our experience.

And that, my friends, is the definition of natural magic. We use herbs and colors and numbers and timing to create "spells" or rites or rituals that match the vibrational wavelength of our goal. It's easy to find books that tell us what oils and herbs and planetary alignments match our goals. Scott Cunningham has one for herbs, one for oils and brews, one for gemstones and metals. There are websites galore that offer tables of correspondence.

Surrounding ourselves in colors, herbs, oils, scents, crystals, and all other things that match the vibration of our goal will help us align with it, and that in turn can help us receive it.

Other techniques

Spellwork and filling our environment with elements that match our goal is only one of many methods to help align with our desire

Method 2: Pay attention to others who already have it. Whether it's watching them on TV or following them online, reading about them, or hanging out with them in our personal life, being around those who are living our dream will raise us right up into alignment with that dream ourselves provided we aren't prone to bouts of "why her and not me?" If we are, we should skip this method.

If we become a fan of others who have done what we wish to do, we will start seeing more and more of them. Like attracts like. And when that happens, we should know that it's because our vibration is, indeed, shifting to match our desire..

Method 3: Actively begin looking for parts of what we want in our lives already. Sometimes we start seeing it show up in miniature, at first. Sometimes we see elements of it. And sometimes we experience things that give us a rush of feeling that's very much like what having our goal will bring. Really relish those, because that is rapid alignment.

Method 3: Daily meditation. Quieting the mind aligns our vibe with that of our Higher Self, with the broader Consciousness of the Whole, with Goddess. Praying, it is said, is speaking to God. Meditation is listening for the answer. More accurately, tuning in the answer.

Method 4: Overwrite the old habit of complaining. I love the bracelet method used by the Complaint-free World people. You get a stretchy bracelet and put it on either wrist. Any time you complain about anything, in print, out loud, on the phone, on the internet, wherever, even if you're just yelling at the TV, you have to switch the bracelet to the opposite wrist. The goal is to go 21 straight days without having to move the bracelet.

Method 5: Bask in the very best things our lives. It's ideal to spend more time doing what we love and less time doing what we hate.Since we can't always do that, we should find things to love about the jobs we hate or find ways of doing them that make them more pleasant. When the good stuff comes along, we must train ourselves to STOP, be still, and really enjoy those good moments. This practice is described by the catch-word, "presence." It's also the purest form of appreciation. To just bask in a thing is to truly appreciate it. A view. A meal. A kiss. We cannot be present in our lives if our minds are always on what's coming up next, or what's already gone by. We must develop the habit of being here, now, body, mind, and spirit. Focus on the moment, and most especially on the good ones. Do that, and there will be more of them.

Try it out!

Try these methods one at a time or all at once. And when the next time you notice your mind synching up with someone else's, remind yourself it doesn't just happen with people. It happens with everything you hang around. So hang around the good stuff!

Magic is just science

that we don't yet understand


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